BD-Power 1090202 EGR Cooler

List Price: $369.00
XDP Price: $350.00
You Save: $19.00 (5 %)
Manufacturer: BD-Power
Manufacturer Number: 109020
XDP Part Number: BD1090202

04.5-07 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke (Square Cooler)

XDP $5 Pricebeat Guarantee

BD-Power 1090202 EGR Cooler eliminates the common failure points in the OEM units that can cause coolant to leak into the cylinders creating a hyrdolock condition which will damage the head gaskets and possibly the heads themselves. Water deflectors are also added to increase turbulence to the coolant flow to aide in heat dissipation. These exchange units are pressure tested, include O-ring and threaded insert, and, come with a 5-year limited warranty.

BD’s replacement Heavy Duty EGR Coolers for 04.5-07 6.0L Ford Power Stroke Diesels use TIG welded 304L stainless 0.375in.O.D. x 0.048in. walled tubes to replace the OEM inner cores that have been known to fail due to weak brazed joints.

  • Uses Water Deflectors To Increase Turbulence To Coolant Flow 
  • Exchange Units Are Pressure Tested 
  • No Performance Tuner Required Will Not Throw Codes
  • 5-Year Warranty

This improved Square-style EGR cooler fits all 2004 6.0L Fords made AFTER 9/22/03.

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