TS Performance Switchable 6 Position Chip - 7.3L Powerstroke

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95-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke

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Ford 7.3L switchable chips
They are available in 6 position settings. Your choice of programs are Stock, High Idle, 50hp, 75hp, 100hp, 140+ Extreme
  1. Does TS Performance offer a variety of chips? Yes we have chips available for both towing and racing. For towing we recommend either the ts 50hp or 75hp chip. We have the TS 100hp or the 140hp+ extreme for those that want lots of horsepower.

  2. Will I notice a difference in power? Yes, the power you feel will be immediate.

  3. Does the TS Performance chip make changes to an automatic transmission? Not only does the addition of the chip increase power and torque but it also firms up the shift points. Firmer shifting that will allow your truck to slip into gear not slam into gear.

  4. Are the TS Performance chips difficult to install? The four bank chip is easy and simple to install. It simply slides into your computer for a secure fit. No taping required. Our step by step instructions are sent out with your chip purchase.

  5. What information needs to be provided to TS Performance for a chip order? The year of your vehicle ( example early 99 or late 99). It is not necessary to provide a truck code.

  6. What are the advantages of installing a TS 4 bank chip over other brands?
    A) The TS 4-bank chip does not leave the 605 computer code in your PCM that can be detected.
    B) If your computer is reflashed by the dealer no need to worry. This chip operates off all four pages of the computer. Simply plug your chip back in and your power is there.

  7. Can I expect better fuel mileage with the TS Performance chip? With all the TS Performance horsepower chips in almost all cases a 2-4 mpg increase has been reported. This of course will depend on the user's driving habits.

  8. What type of performance gains will i receive with the TS Performance chip?
    A) TS Performance 50 hp - 50 to your rear wheels
    B) TS Performance 75 hp - 75 to your rear wheels
    C) TS Performance 100hp - 100hp to your rear wheels
    D) TS Performance 140hp+ extreme - over 140hp to your rear wheels

Product Reviews

(381 Ratings, 91 Reviews) Average Rating:
Great value, Great performance.
Dr Rocky (Id) 6/18/2014 6:33 PM
I purchased this chip along with performance injectors from X PD and only this year was I able to try it out with my 26 foot travel trailer, I was amazed at the performance this chip does on my 7.3L. With heavy tow selected it pulled the trailer up the 6% grade with no problem at all and could accelerate with ease. This chip along with the performance injectors proved to be a valuable addition to my 03 7.3L diesel truck. As a retired aerospace engineer I do recommend this package to anyone that wants it really get the most out of your 7.3.
one of the best things I have ever done to my 99 f250
Calvin (British Columbia Canada) 3/30/2014 12:19 PM
the power difference is amazing I never knew my truck could have so much power for such little effort if I could rate this more then 5 stars I would !!
Big power increase, noticeably less spent on fuel
Eric S. (Northern Michigan) 3/24/2014 1:27 PM
Installation was kind of hard on my OBS truck, the computer is a lot harder to find than i thought. But it wasn't hard once I got it out. It has a noticeable difference and even spits a little black out of the tail pipe. I gained about 50 miles per tank just by driving conservatively with this set up. You get a great bang for your buck with this one. Two thumbs up overall, would highly recommend it to any friend or relative. 5 stars.
2001- 7.3l F-350
John (Central, New Jersey) 3/2/2014 8:35 PM
I found Brian from Diesel power service which happens to be across from XPD Diesel power showroom, where the parts where purchased. My 01 7.3L F-350 was giving me trouble, Brian found a couple of bad injectors. While he had the truck apart we had him change all eight. Then I got the bug, adding a larger turbo, trans module and six position tuning chip. I already had an intake and exhaust done with a single setting chip. When I picked up the truck the changes where amazing!! Even though I was used to a chip. Brian walked me through the work done answered all questions. It's nice to know that a 2001 standard black pick up truck will kick butt and take names. Sorry Euro touring coupes!
BILLY (Joliet) 1/25/2014 10:04 PM
Does the TS Roll Coal and give you amazing power? For 01 f.250 4x4 7.3 diesel?

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