The Pro-GUARD 7 filtration technology represents the most dramatic advancement in filtration technology in the last 30 years. Using state of the art technology, the Pro-GUARD 7 product line offers high air flow, long service intervals, and a high level of protection for your engine. Available in select aFe replacement air filters and intake kits.

AFE Pro-GUARD7 Technical Information

The Pro-GUARD 7 line of filters and air intakes introduces a revolutionary change to the core property of the filter itself...the filtration media. Typical performance filters simply use multiple layers of cotton gauze sandwiched between aluminum wire mesh. This work great in a performance environment, but aFe set out to conquer the filtration industry with a product that both flowed significantly more air that a paper filter, but at the same time had excellent filtration efficiency and extended service life. The Pro-GUARD 7 media has set the new standard.

The below picture shows how the layers of media are arranged in the filter

The media is then sandwiched between 2 layers of epoxy coated wire mesh for strength and rigidity as can be seen below:

Pro-GUARD7 filters offer higher dust holding capacity than any filter on the market

Holding more dust simply means that you will end up with a longer interval before needing to service your filter. In fact, a Pro-GUARD 7 filter can hold over 11 times the dust of a paper filter before needing to be cleaned or serviced, without degrading engine performance. The layers of cotton and synthetic media are able to hold the dirt while still allowing air to pass through. The single layer of a paper filter becomes plugged as soon as a dirt particle deposits itself onto the filter media...that means less air getting to your engine.

The Pro-GUARD7 line of filters give you efficiency higher than any performance filter

Efficiency refers to a filters ability to efficiently filter out the dust and dirt particles from entering the air intake of the vehicle. Pro-GUARD7 was developed with the need for high efficiency in mind. With a filtration media that is able to stop the coarse and fine particles of dust from entering the engine. Typical performance/cotton gauze filters will give you the air flow you need, but have to sacrifice efficiency to do so. The Pro-GUARD7 filters can offer both a high air flow along with the high efficiency you need.

Value is more that what you pay for a part. It is a combined look at the total cost of ownership of the vehicle. The Pro-GUARD7 filter and intake line offer tremendous value by increasing power, lowering maintenance costs, and avoiding the continual replacement of disposable filters.