Amsoil Cetane Boost Diesel Fuel Additive (ACB)


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All types of diesel engines
Manufacturer: Amsoil

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Cetane Boost Diesel Fuel Additive (ACB)
An ashless, alcohol-free additive that improves cetane up to seven points for increased power and performance in all diesel engines.

Package sizes include:

16-oz. Bottle #AMACBCNEA
(12) 16-oz. Bottles #AMACBCNCA
5-Gallon Pail #AMACB05EA
55-Gallon Drum #AMACB55EA

AMSOIL Cetane Boost Additive improves diesel fuel quality that benefits all diesel engines, especially high performance designs. Supported by extensive testing and years of field trial use, AMSOIL Cetane Boost Additive has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to improve diesel engine performance. High performance diesel engines operate best with cetane values of 50 or higher.

Recommended for use with all types of heavy- and light-duty, on- or off-road and marine diesel engines. Best performance is achieved when used with every new tank of fuel. Excellent for use with Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel (ULSD). Compatible with biodiesel and all types of exhaust emission systems such as diesel particulate filters (DPFs). (Although high concentrations of biodiesel decrease the benefits of AMSOIL Cetane Boost).

For best results with up to a seven point cetane increase, add one oz. of AMSOIL Cetane Boost per five gallons of diesel fuel (one bottle to 80 gallons). For up to a three point cetane increase, add one oz. per 10 gallons of diesel fuel (one bottle to 160 gallons). Excellent for use with AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate and AMSOIL Cold Flow Improver.

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