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Universal - For use on T4 Turbochargers
Using larger turbochargers to increase horsepower results in slower spool-up response and could leave you lagging at the line. The new BD Track Master Turbine Diverter Valve will solve this problem by diverting all of the exhaust energy through one turbine volute (passage) which increases air velocity to the turbine wheel (the same principle as variable geometry), spooling it up like a smaller turbocharger and dramatically increasing low end power and torque.

As boost pressure increases and reaches a preset level, the valve will open the second volute to balance the drive pressures. Valve, flap and shaft assemblies are precision investment stainless steel casted, and, available in T4-T3 and T4-T4 mounting flange configurations.

  • Allows for a "Big Single Turbo" with less lag.
  • Quicker spoolup lowers EGT's & smoke levels
  • T3-T4 Option allows use of stock sized manifold

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