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XDP’s Ford 6.4L EGR Delete Installation

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The XDP 6.4L EGR Delete Kit is designed to completely replace the Exhaust Gas Recirculation system (EGR) found on your 6.4L Powerstroke equipped Ford Super Duty. The factory EGR system has proven to be problematic. Upon failure, EGR coolers can cause severe engine damage when coolant is introduced into the intake.


Eliminating your 6.4L’s EGR system will allow your engine to run better and cleaner while increasing overall reliability. Manufactured in the USA from CNC machined billet aluminum and stainless steel for a lifetime of use.as

*Off-road tuning required*

(CA Residents: Not legal for sale or use in California on pollution controlled motor vehicles.)

dps install pics 006

Step 1: Center your steering wheel making sure your front wheels are facing straight.

Step 2: Disconnect both batteries.

Step 3: Drain coolant from the reservoir.

dps install pics 014

Step 4: Remove 3/8” return hose from the upper EGR cooler and degas bottle.

dps install pics 019dps install pics 020

dps install pics 021dps install pics 022

dps install pics 024
Step 5: Remove the upper radiator hose clip and pull the hose loose from the radiator.

dps install pics 023
Step 6: Remove the driver side inner fender liner.

dps install pics 008
Step 7: Remove the driver side battery, battery tray and coolant tank assembly. (Be sure to remove vacuum hose from bottom of assembly. This hose must be reinstalled for the vacuum system to work properly.)
Step 8: Remove the remainder of the upper radiator hose by removing the clip from the thermostat housing. (If the hose is black where it attaches to the thermostat housing, it’s recommended to have this piece replaced with the newer white hose that utilizes two O-rings to seal as opposed to one.)

dps install pics 074 Step 9: Remove hose clamps and unhook the EGR cooler temp sensor B (EGRTB).

dps install pics 030dps install pics 032dps install pics 034dps install pics 036dps install pics 033

Step 10: Loosen the upper intercooler tube so it can be easily moved to the side of the boot. (You will not have to remove entire intercooler tube.)

dps install pics 038

Step 11: Remove the upper EGR cooler to intake elbow bolts, remove the band clamp nuts, remove cooler to cooler nuts and pry apart the studs. (It may be necessary to remove the studs from the lower cooler due to clearance issues in removing the upper cooler.)

dps install pics 040dps install pics 042dps install pics 044Step 12: Remove the cooler (Twist and pull upward on the cooler while holding the intercooler tube back and out-of-the-way.)

dps install pics 046
Step 13: Remove the plastic coolant Y-pipe from the front engine cover (This coolant pipe can be very brittle and must be reinstalled later on in the instructions. It’s not mandatory to remove the coolant Y-pipe, but recommended to ease the removal of the lower ERG cooler.)
Step 14: Remove the upper EGR cooler hose and steel line from front cover and discard.

dps install pics 050 Step 15: Re¬move the upper EGR cooler cast iron mounting bracket.

dps install pics 047 Step 16: Remove the nut that holds the dipstick down.

Step 17: Remove the steering shaft bolt and slide the shaft rearward back up into the cab.

dps install pics 053Step 18: Loosen and remove the nuts from the lower cooler band clamps.
Step 19: Remove or cut free the lower rear cooler hose. (No longer used)
Step 20: Remove the two 10mm lower EGR cooler bolts from exhaust extension tube.

dps install pics 051Step 21: Free the dipstick tube and push the dipstick tube towards the driver’s side of the steering shaft.
Step 22: Pull cooler upward and out toward the front of the engine compartment.dps install pics 055
Step 23: Remove the cooler tube from the timing cover. (Remove in one piece)

dps install pics 060dps install pics 057dps install pics 061Step 24: Remove four bolts from the lower mounting bracket in one piece.dps install pics 062Step 25: Install four exhaust manifold bolts provided with the kit and torque to 18ft.lbs.dps install pics 065Step 26: Install exhaust block-off plate with supplied (2) 5/16” x 2 1/4” bolts and (2) 5/16” flange nuts, inspect gas¬ket prior to re-installation. (This gasket is 100% re-useable unless damaged upon removal.)
Step 27: Install coolant plugs where these lines came from, you will reuse the OEM bolts.dps install pics 066Step 28: Install the stud that was removed earlier to properly space the power steering hose from the front accessory drive. This bolt will be run into the front cover until it bottoms out and is slightly snug. You may install a spacer if you desire, but the spacer is not needed. Reinstall the power steering hose clamp to support hose.
Step 29: If removed, reinstall the plastic coolant Y-pipe from (Step 13) into front cover.
Step 30: Reinstall the dipstick tube hold down nut.
Step 31: Reinstall the steering shaft and torque the bolt to 35 ft. lbs. (Loctite is recommended)
Step 32: Reinstall battery box assembly. (Don’t forget to reinstall Vacuum hose on the bottom of the tray)
Step 33: Clean and reconnect the upper intercooler tube.
Step 34: Reinstall Upper radiator hose and clips.
Step 35: Install the XDP intake block off plate.

dps install pics 071
Step 36: Take the existing coolant line on the EGR valve and run it around the intake to fasten on the open port.

XD145 (Coolant line)

Step 37: Attach the 3/8″ coolant hose that runs over the radiator to the degas bottle.
Step 38: Refill coolant, run the engine and refill after the engine comes up to operating temperature. You will need to check for leaks after your initial test drive as well. Use only OEM approved antifreeze..
Step 39: Check the truck for any diagnostic trouble codes. (Some tuners will require the EGRTB sensor to be plugged into the wiring harness for a code free operation.)

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