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Caterpillar 3406E, C-15 & C-16
Bully Dog Technologies
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Bully Dog’s new ceramic coated exhaust manifolds are the fastest flowing exhaust manifolds in the industry. Designed to provide quicker turbo spool, higher power output and more fuel economy for class 8 engines, these premium manifolds get the job done. Bully Dog’s engineering team has spent considerable time analyzing and flow testing various layouts for each manifold utilizing state of the art CAD design software. Each manifold is simulated and prototyped numerous times as they search for the design that produces the ultimate efficiencies. There are two primary goals they are striving for in the design: first, to maximize the airflow by smoothing out the sharp corners of the stock manifolds and eliminating any bottlenecks in the design and second, to eliminate any known failure points in the stock manifold. The final result is an impressive piece that not only looks great but is fine-tuned in every aspect to improve the performance of the engine.

  • Hand Ported and Polished
  • Ceramic Coated Finish
  • 18% More Airflow Over Stock
  • Two Year Warranty
  • EGT Temperatures 100˚ Cooler than Stock
  • Radiating Temperatures 300˚ Cooler than Stock
  • Improved Fuel Economy Over Stock
  • 30 Additional HP to the Rear Wheels
Increased Airflow – The sharp corners common on the stock manifolds have
been eliminated along with other improvements to increase airflow. More airflow
equals greater turbo response and an increase in horsepower to the rear wheels.
Independent testing on a flow bench shows 18% greater airflow over the stock

 Better Design – The tolerance of these three-piece systems has been tightened
to prevent leakage at the joints. A special metal alloy has also been used
that is superior to the stock manifolds, so that all three pieces expand and contract
at the same rate as the engine heats up and cools down over the life of the

 Reinforced Design – Bully Dog didn’t skimp on the material in the design.
These premium manifolds are thicker all the way through to prevent cracking. The
thicker manifolds combined with the reduction in heat from the ceramic coating
has also proven to help lengthen the life of the gaskets. The end result is a better
quality casting.

 Hand Ported and Polished – Each manifold is hand ported and polished
once it is received from the foundry. This is done to ensure that no metal burrs
interfere with the airflow that robs both horsepower and economy.

 Ceramic Coated – The manifolds haven’t just been ceramic coated to make
them look better. The ceramic coating both inside and out ensures that heat
generated by the engine is more fully utilized to spin the turbo. The less the
metal absorbs the heat, the greater the turbo response and the more efficient
the engine. These ceramic coated exhaust systems not only reduce the radiating
temperatures coming off of the manifold by 300˚, they also reduce exhaust gas
temperatures (EGTs) by 80˚ to 100.˚

Bully Dog Part #         OEM Part#

   85200                  146-9445

   85220                  146-9445

   85202                  150-1914

   85222                  150-1914
   85201                  231-3642 

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