CFM+ (CFM PLUS) Dodge Intake Manifold

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1994-2007 Dodge 5.9L Cummins (excl. 1994-1998 w/ Hydro Brake Booster)
CFM+ (Fastcore LLC)
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Why is the CFM+ the ultimate intake manifold?

Regardless of which tuner, air filter, exhaust system or aftermarket intake you may already have, you need to dramatically increase your air flow. No other aftermarket intake comes close.

Even without a computer it's easy to see why the CFM+ flows so much better than the angular stock aluminum manifold with its nearly 40% flow restriction at the front mounting bolts. (Fig. 1)

But why does the CFM+ flow so much more air than the other oversized cast aluminum manifolds in the market and maintain lower air temps?

There are a number of reasons we will discuss:

1.) The very large center section of the competitor cast aluminum manifold may look impressive but it is very bad for flow. The inlet to the manifold from the inter cooler and the outlet of the intake manifold into the engine are very similar in cross-sectional area so when the center section is over three times larger than the inlet and outlet the air flow slows dramatically through this center section. The air flow then is forced to speed up to exit. This causes turbulence in the flow, leading to pressure drop or pumping losses.

2.) The competitor's manifold is so oversized in the center section that two of the mounting fasteners which hold the intake to the engine had to be changed to long bolts or studs that must pass directly through the air flow.(Fig.2) This causes tremendous turbulence in the flow leading to additional pressure drop or pumping losses.

3.) You can also see in the picture of the cross-section of the competitor aluminum manifold there are two surfaces (Fig.2) protruding down into the flow path that create recesses into the outside surface of the manifold.  These pockets allow the mounting nuts to look good recessed on the outside but cause a big problem on the inside where it matters. (Fig.2) These two surfaces protruding into the air flow act to trip up or tumble the air flow. Again this causes additional turbulence in the flow leading to pressure drop or pumping losses.

4.) Cast aluminum has a much rougher surface than the advanced technology composite CFM+ manifold. The rough interior surface of the competitor's cast aluminum manifold causes additional turbulence.

It should now be evident why there is a 44% increase in air flow over stock and a 20% increase over the cast aluminum manifold of the competitor. These tests were performed on a SuperFlow model SF-1020 Probench.

Changing to the CFM+ over the competitors cast aluminum aftermarket manifold gives almost the exact benefit as replacing your heater grid with a free flow spacer.

5.) The volume of air that can get stuffed into the engine is also greatly affected by the density of the air flow. This is why the material the manifold is made of is so important. If the manifold's material acts to insulate the hot under the hood air from reheating the air flow that has just come out of the inter-cooler that is a very good thing for maintaining air density but if the material readily conducts heat such as aluminum that would be bad since the hot under hood temps would raise the air entering the engine since under the hood temps are by definition higher than ambient or outside air temps and heat flow is always from high to low temp. A materials ability to allow heat to pass through it is called its Thermal Conductivity represent by k in engineering equations. Aluminum has a Thermal Conductivity rate or “k” of 236 W/M-oK. The CFM+ composite material's Thermal Conductivity rate is, 0.25 W/M-oK , which is 944 times lower.

 Also the oversized cast aluminum intakes present more aluminum surface area that absorbs more under the hood heat and transfers it into the air flow.

Will not work on Dodge 94-98 model year trucks with Hydro Brake Booster.


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Nice product
Alan (Connecticut) 9/30/2014 9:36 PM
I installed this on my 2006 Megacab. When you first open the box the intake is very impressive. It is easy to install and has a nice factory fit and finish. I didn’t notice much of a power gain and my truck didn’t do a wheelie like I hoped it would. It sure does look sweet when you open the hood though.
Looks great, works great.
Marko T. (Texas, Y'all.) 3/6/2014 11:52 AM
Easy to install on 2005 Cummins. Be careful and don't scratch the intake w/ the dipstick tube - it's tricky but I managed to avoid scratching it. Also, check the torque on the nuts after you drive your truck about 100 miles. I just decided to check them and they needed re-torqued.
Travis (Sacramento CA) 8/10/2012 1:14 PM
I got this for my 1997 12V 3500 and it works amazing. HUGE difference in airflow and throttle response. The only issue I had was that my master cylinder was in the way. I called CFM and they said that this isn't made for certain 12V's and there should be a disclaimer on the site...I didn't see one but I got it to work so i'm good. You know what they say "if at first it doesn't fit...force it".
I dig it !
D. (California) 6/9/2011 9:04 PM
09/10 I added the MBRP Aluminized 4" Single Exaust System and AEM Brute Force Intake System. 06/11 I put the CFM Intake Manifold on. I'm not mechanical but I installed these except the exaust system. Both took me 45 min at snail speed. Not looking to increase the horse power on my 02' 4x4 I just wanted to take care of the old girl and let her breath the way she wants to. I noticed a big differance in 2010, turbo was whistling after those installs. But today 06/09/11 it just got better. I feel relief as though the old girl just caughed out a fur ball and said thank you. XDP was very helpful in my decision making process. My needs were met and was able to afford everything in 2 purchases, which happend to hit on a sale day! LOL! I want a simple truck with simple parts and simple installs because I'm a simple man. I got that and I dig it!!! So far XDP parts and service gets a FIVE STAR all the way around. Thanks.
pleased but
cary (canyon tx) 12/7/2009 10:19 PM
pleased but i made the mistake of installing at same time as power puck, cold air and exhaust so really dont know any difference. i will say it was very hard to choose between cfm and banks but the other reviews helped and the factory was cast and this thing is plastic but they say its good. as far as installation this thing is a breeze.