DTT Voltage Regulator


1996-2007 Dodge 5.9L Cummins
Manufacturer: DTT
Mfg. Number: DTTVREG
XDP Part Number: DTTVREG

XDP $5 Pricebeat Guarantee

DTT Voltage Regulator for use w/ Shift Kits

What is the Voltage Regulator and what is its Function?
DTT designed the Voltage Regulator is an adjustable electronic that takes the place of using an inline resistor because it is adjustable. You need to use the voltage regulator to fool the PCM into thinking that you are running stock valve body pressures, which in turn prevents 2nd or 3rd Gear Starts of the transmission.

What are 2nd or 3rd Gear Starts?
2nd or 3rd Gear Starts are created by the PCM of the Dodge Truck in the event that the PCM sees an invalid line pressure in the Transmission. The transmission starts out in either second or third gear depending on the governor pressure and under certain circumstances does not allow lock up or Overdrive to occur. The problem with 2nd or 3rd Gear Starts is that it will destroy a transmission in as little as a few seconds.  Warning! If your truck experiences 2nd or 3rd Gear Starts you MUST stop and recycle the ignition ; failure to do this step will result in premature failure of your transmission. A good indication of 2nd or 3rd gear starts is that your truck will feel like it is lugging or has no power from a dead stop.

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