FPPF 00343 TOTAL POWER 32 OZ Fuel Additive

For All Diesel Engines, 32 Oz. Bottle (Treats 250 Gallons)
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Total Power is a combination of the technology of Polar Power with Injector Cleaner, 8+ Cetane Improver, and a lubricity additive. Total Power has the added benefits of injector cleaner detergent and cetane and lubricity improvers.

FPPF Total Power:

  • Contains Fuel Power
  • Contains anti-gel
  • Cleans injectors
  • Contains cleaner detergent
  • Meets L-10 and N-14
  • Contains lubricity improvers
  • Stabilizes fuel
  • Contains wax dispersant
  • Contains wax seed crystal modifiers
  • Lowers CFPP
  • Significantly lowers pour point
  • Raises cetane number
  • Contains no harmful alcohols
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