H&S Maxx Calibration Control Unlock Code 111009

XDP Price: $199.00

2007.5-2012 Dodge 6.7L Cummins / 2008-2012 Ford 6.4L/6.7L Powerstroke
Manufacturer: H&S Performance
Mfg. Number: 111009
XDP Part Number: HS111009

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Maxx Calibration Control(MCC) is an advanced engine management software that enables custom tune editing with your H&S tuning device. With the power to control all aspects of engine and transmission management, MCC gives YOU the ability to control how YOUR engine operates! When you have exceeded the limits of conventional tuning and want to unleash the power of a custom tune, look no further than MAXX CALIBRATION CONTROL. The Maxx Calibration Control Software can be downloaded for free from H&S Performance.  Unlock Code must be purchased to install tuning on your truck.

Free To Try: Tune editing is free, but you must purchase an Unlock Code in order to install a custom tune on your vehicle.
Engine & Transmission Control: Engine editing comes standard, transmission editing available depending on your make/model*
Easy To Use: Use any H&S tuning file as a starting point for your tuning. By beginning with our proven base files, the learning time is cut down, giving you MAXX time to fine tune YOUR files.
Flexibility: Build your own tune or purchase one from a professional tuner to help you maximize performance.
File Locking: All tunes can be locked down partially or completely, ensuring your hard work will stay yours. Professional tuners can use this feature to sell tunes and protect their investment.
File Sharing: Have a friend with similar mods and want to share? Any tune you build can be shared with a friend, provided the calibration is compatible between vehicles.
Reversible: If your custom tune did not work out as expected, you can reload any H&S stock or tuned file. H&S files always remain on the unit and can be used at any time.
Support: Because of the complex nature of this product, tech support will only be available via the H&S User Forums or by email. All tech support phone calls regarding the use of MCC Tuning Software will be referred to the H&S User Forums.
Updateable: More tuning parameters will be added regularly, and can be easily accessed by updating your MCC application.

Adjustable Parameters:

Injection Quantity
  • Injection Duration
  • Torque to Fuel Conversion
  • Maximum Fuel Curve
Injection Pressure
  • Maximum Injection Pressure Set point
  • Injection Timing
  • Accelerator to Torque
  • Maximum Torque Limit
  • Torque limit based on gear position
  • Desired atmospheric air flow
  • Desired compressed air flow
  • Turbo maximum closed position
  • Exhaust brake upper/lower limit turbo actuator
  • Exhaust brake maximum torque limits
 Speed Limits
  • Speed Limit Cruise Control
  • Speed Limit
  • Malfunction Indicator Light
  • Diagnostic Codes
Transmission Control**
  • Torque Converter Control
  • Shift Points

This product will allow you to load custom tuning files made with the H&S MCC Tuning Software on to your H&S Mini Maxx & Black Maxx Tuning Device. Please supply your complete 17 digit VIN and a valid e-mail address. You will receive an e-mail containing a 16 digit pass code to be entered in your H&S Product.

*For use on Ram 2500/3500 Pickup only. Not for use on Cab & Chassis.

**Dodge 6.7L models with 68RFE transmission requires an additional Overdrive Unlock Code to access transmission editing.

This product is software once purchased it can NOT be returned.

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