PPE Tie Rod Sleeves

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Manufacturer: PPE

99-10 GM full size truck, & SUV including H1 Hummer

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Anyone who has seen a tie rod bend or outright fail at the race track knows that the stock setup is the "weak link" that could spell danger for a driver. With PPE’s 304 Stainless Steel Tie Rod Sleeves you can launch off the line with confidence. Made from solid precision machined 304 Stainless Steel, the PPE Center Tie Rod Sleeve Kit encases the majority of the threaded area between the steering rack and the tie rod.

This area is where the piece is at its thinnest resulting in bending due to stress, but with the PPE sleeve covering it, the strength is drastically improved. That means no more bent Tie Rods and scary rides. Beware of competitors hexagonal structural instabilities, over our sound circular design.

  • Solid 304 SS.
  • Replaces OEM lock nut
  • Tie rod sleeves now made to fit both OEM and NAPA tie rods.
  • Available In Polished Or Brushed Finish
  • For Racing & Off-Road Use Only

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