BD-Power Turbo Boost Builder

1998.5-2012 Dodge 5.9L & 6.7L Cummins

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easy installation
jeremy (Grants New Mexico) 9/11/2014 2:15 PM
Installs really easy just hoping that it makes a difference on my 2008 6.7 cummins 6 speed mega cab , hoping it takes me from 30 lbs of boost to over 45
2001 Cummins 5.9
zach (Ny) 7/30/2014 1:17 PM
Wow this thing makes one hell of a difference. My truck is not stock but the programmer I have doesn't do boost building. My truck no longer falls flat on its face. It pulls harder than it ever did. Worth every penny. Would recommend to anyone even on a semi stock truck.
boost fooler
kyle tanner (west virgina) 5/31/2014 9:09 PM
Great product it was worth 85 bucks for my 2012 cummins
engine light
Thomas Parella (Jersey shore) 11/23/2013 2:30 PM
2010 6.7l install took 5 minutes started truck, engine light came on. Removed it cleaned terminals with rubbing alcohol reinstalled started truck engine light still on test ride didn't feel any difference in spool Up or power took it off sitting now sitting glove box with engine light on.Pissed.
01 6 Speed
Joe (Oklahoma) 6/2/2013 1:52 PM
Noticeable difference when coupled with a boost nipple and a wastegate actuator. Get your practice speed shifting!
casey bush (houston tx ) 5/23/2013 12:42 AM
I like and you feel the difference it makes
01 six speed
Bob (port orchard wa) 6/12/2012 7:27 PM
For $60 you can't go wrong. With a truck with just exhaust and intake you could feel it start boosting sooner and added a little smoke!
Bang for ur Buck 2011 2500 6.7L
Joe (SA,Texas) 4/23/2012 11:37 AM
one of the easiest mods to install. you can feel te boost up way faster now.
01 5.9L cummins
Brian (Maryland) 3/6/2012 7:54 AM
This product is great. the boost fooler has allowed my turbo to spool at lower rpms and jump my boost almost 30lbs. My truck performs better gets up off the line better and the power its given me allows me to burn tires for days!!! all around excellent product need more parts like it easy to install and easdy to fool the computer.
04.5 5.9 cummins w/ boost fooler
steven (houston) 11/9/2011 9:45 PM
works great! absolute must have! went from 25-27 psi of boost to 42-44 psi of boost
good stuff
Taylor (southeast,Mo) 8/13/2011 9:33 AM
had to be the easiest thing i've ever put on my truck, it dropped my egts 75 to 100 degrees,more boost,more power all around great product.XDP keep up the good work and good service
good product !!!!!
Mitch (Austin tx) 6/1/2011 4:03 PM
2006 5.9 cummins 3500 I loved this product!!! I felt a difference instantly, i got worried at first when i was looking at my boost guage and it read max boost at only 27 psi, i thought it lowered my boost but after some reseacrh i came to find out my reading was off due to the fact i was reading boost from the ODBII port which is done electronicly. the boost builder fools the ECM to think it is running only 27 psi of boost so the ECM doesnt send any trouble codes. great product from BD!!!!
04 dodge
joe (regina sk) 2/1/2011 7:01 PM
procuct didnt work with a PMT bullydog in 04 dodge acutally lowered my boost my 2 or 3 psi
jonboy (hubert, NC) 12/29/2010 5:14 PM
easy instal, haven't seen any power out of it yet but still afraid to get on er since I haven't studded my heads yet.
Nice and Simple
Jason S. (East Tenn.) 12/12/2010 8:23 PM
Easy and simple to install and works great. More power and better milage out of my 07 6.7L.
lots of boost
mike (swan lake ny ) 9/16/2010 11:23 AM
the bd boost biulder was very easy to install and it add alot of boost i would deff. tell friends to buy it for they trucks very happy thanks, XDP
john01cummins (tx) 6/9/2010 4:46 PM
i put it in and now i can smoke tired easier`it made my turbo spool at lower rpms now a lil better fuel milage great product
disregard my last review
Skeeter Redding (Casper, WY) 4/12/2010 6:26 PM
disregard my last review on the bd boost fooler this didnt even run rite for a week and all the sudden my truck was nutless it didnt accerate at all but xdps service and shipping are top notch just a p.o.s. product.
worth the money
Skeeter Redding (Casper, WY) 4/7/2010 4:51 PM
i put this on my 01 dodge with the 5 speed i already have and afe intake and the bd boost elbow orifice my truck already put out some smoke with the fass system installation was a little tricky i already knew wear the map was the only tricky part was the plug that was in the map to go into the boost fooler i couldnt get it all the way in for the clip to hold it so i wraped it in duct tape i noticed a little more smoke through the gears but mostly its smoother accelration dont have the lag like before i think ill work great for towing and with out the lag my truck is faster that i notice the most good product i hit 25 psi in 3rd gear easily well worth the 60 bucks would recommend to any one.
boosted up
matt (texas) 3/10/2010 10:35 AM
this product is amazing. i have an 06 dodge 3500 5.9l S&B cold air intake, banks high ram, bully dog triple dog with outlook. i stacked all of these toghether. the boost fooler helped lay dome some HP. stock turbo and pushing 42psi boost. great investment
good product
R Reid (idaho) 7/13/2009 6:38 PM
got one for my 01 cummins. this alone doesnt do much, it allows a guy to buld more boost without throwing codes. after plugging off my wastegate, im pushing 28 psi instead of 18, and havent thrown a code. this a good deal.
No Problem
Will (Hollister, CA) 5/25/2009 4:12 PM
The directions are a bit vague, but still very easy to find the map-sensor and install. The map sensor can be found right near the stock location for the lift pump. Took a total of 20 minutes to find and install. There were no extreme changes to numbers and feel but does help with spool up.
worth the money so far,but we'll see.
Cummins 328 (Noble, Oklahoma) 3/10/2009 12:54 PM
just installed in my truck and was easy to find the Map Sensor.My truck blows some smoke now,thanx xdp!
Not worth the money
Bill (Olean NY) 2/11/2009 12:52 PM
Installed in my truck and noticed no increase after two weeks made check engine light come on and made truck run ruff took it off and truck runs fine again would'nt suggest this to my worst enemy!!!!
Mitch (TX) 1/29/2009 11:21 PM
I just got mine and still cant figure out how to put it on. the included instructions were useless. i cant find the MAP sensor on my 98.5. well c how good it works if i can ever get it on!!