AirDog II Air/Fuel Separation System DF-165 (w/ Adjustable Regulator)

1989-2012 Dodge 5.9L & 6.7L Cummins

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Very well Satisfied with product!
Donald Brady (Johnson City, TN) 3/13/2015 4:14 PM
I purchased my Air Dog II in the spring of 2009. It ran 6+ years flawlessly until the motor grounded causing the fuse to blow. Contacted Pure Flow Technologies and the have shipped me a replacement motor and pump. I can't complain about this product because it has never given me a problem. Definitely would purchase another one.
Airdog sucks
Brandon (West Virginia) 1/3/2015 1:14 AM
I bought the airdog 2 under the impression that it would be a safe and reliable way to help extend my injectors and cp3 life span. Well, My first pump only lasted 8 mouths before it needed to be replaced. Seals failed in the pump and let diesel in the pump motor , Causing the pump to draw high amps and melt the fuse. This happen 3 hours away from home. Had to put a bigger fuse in and limp the truck home. This happen right after spending 2,900$ for new injectors. Faster forward today. replacement pump is doing the same thing only after a little over 2 years and being told by airdog it wouldn't happen again cause they fix the problem. I'm now four hours away from home and the pump pretty much quit on me. Only way it will run is if I tap it lightly with a hammer. Whats worst I was helping my brother in law and sister move in to there new house when this happen. I really needed the truck, so Called airdog , Never could get a hold of anyone. While I was on hold airdog closed and hung up on me. So the next day, I call 5 different times, never could get a hold of anyone. After leaving 2 messages somone called me back in 2 hours, Told him what was going on and needed the pump asap. He told me, it would get there in two days. And he tells me they had fix the proplems with the pumps and it wont happen again. I told him I was told that last time, and it failed. So 2 days pass, I call airdog to make sure this pump was going to get delivered on time. I was told it would be 3 more days. Cause of newyears and the week end. I told them I was told it get here in two days. The lady siad it ship ups ground and If I wanted faster shipping I should have asked. I told her In my massage I Siad I needed it asap and would pay for faster shipping if need be, Her answer was , well there's nothing I can go about it now. I about flip out. So now Im stuck 4 hours away from home, waiting on a piece of junk that I have no doubt will fail on me again. don't wast your time and money on airdog.
Nate (south Florida) 1/22/2014 2:49 PM
The first pump went out in 3 months and the second one is sounding funny. They were good about the replacement but for the money it cost it should be reliable. The mounting location is way to low and I constantly worry about ripping it off. I wouldn't recommend it especially if you have a vp truck because the loss of fuel pressure when the unit fails could take your injection pump with it.
injector insurance policy
ram3500 (tx) 9/14/2013 9:48 AM
great product! tower motor had to be replaced after 9 months.. called airdog informed them of the problem and within 5 days they had shipped the replacement motor... this is an excellent product and would highly recommend to any diesel owner!!!
So upsetting.
Steve (New Jersey) 10/6/2012 10:15 PM
I installed this unit in my ppump'd 12valve with the intentions of making my truck run smoother and possibly bump up fuel pressure to help feed my bigger injectors and turbo modifications. If I got anything out of this 700 dollar deal, it's a headache. I have a few calls into pureflow in hopes of getting an answer and nothing. My truck is my pride and joy, and this unit makes me hesitate to drive anymore. What a disappointment.
Firedawg (Arizona) 7/2/2011 11:05 PM
I have a 2 wheel drive 2001 Dodge 2500, and the mounting bracket for this had the system only 8 inches off the ground. Due to the fact that the fuel line to the injector pump is only long enough to reach just behind the cross member under the cab. Also, they didn't send all the required hardware, missing 2 bolts and 4 nuts and washers. Luckily my mechanic was creative enough to make his own mounting bracket. I really hate having to rate this so low, because the system is awesome. It's just that a little more thought and care needs to be put into the mounting bracket. There's plenty of power available with this system, even at the preset pressure. I can't wait to see what it can do after more modifications are done.
Essential Upgrade For Every Truck
Lightning (Yellowknife, NT) 5/7/2011 11:48 AM
I think this product deserves more attention than it currently receives. Any aftermarket lift pump is highly suggested for any moderate (or higher) power upgrades, but this pump is the top of my list! Immediately, my EGT's came down when the engine was receiving the fuel it required. 1500F-1350F Anyone with an exhaust brake, or Espar type heater: Small modifications are required, but the pump fits and works excellent. The line leading into the CP4 must be connected 6 inches further back and the pump must be mounted on a slight angle (to accommodate the Espar). There is some overfuelling on start-up, but that's to be expected. I've had zero problems starting the engine manually or with the remote start.
Worked great
Zachariah Munton (usa) 4/4/2011 8:21 AM
if you run any fueling mods especially on the cp3 this pump make a noticeable difference. alot smoother power band.