Quadzilla Adjustable Xzillaraider II Module - USB Updatable! XZ2010

List Price: $329.00
XDP Price: Discontinued
Manufacturer: Quadzilla Performance
Manufacturer Number:
XDP Part Number: QZXZ2010

01-04 GM 6.6L Duramax LB7

XDP $5 Pricebeat Guarantee

Announcing the FIRST and ONLY USB updatable power module on the PLANET - the Xzillaraider 2.

  • 32 bit processor
  • USB Updatable
  • Built-In Gauge Functions (Rail Pressure, Boost and Coolant)
  • Built-In Warm Up Mode (without having to use the Commander)
  • Over 100 downloadable tunes for FREE available
  • More horsepower and better throttle response due to faster processing and more resolution
  • Standard Module has 5 power levels (Off, 25hp, 45hp, 65hp, 100hp)
  • Race Module has 6 power levels (Off, 25hp, 45hp, 65hp, 100hp, 140hp)
  • Wiring harness has built-in tap locations for use with the Commander
  • Wiring harness has a plug and play connector for Coolant Temperature
  • When used with the Commander you DO NOT have to tap any wires

The Xzillaraider 2 is a result of many successful years of development on the original Xzillaraider modules. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with the original, there is always room for improvements! This is the FIRST and ONLY USB updatable and upgradable module on the market today.

Since the original Xzillaraider module has been on the market, we have built and designed multiple tuning options for our customers. Some customers want smoke, some do not want smoke, some want more boost and some do not. Now with the Xzillaraider 2 module, and the FREE tuning files available on our website, it makes it possible for every customer to get exactly what they desire in their performance module.

While the USB is a very useful, needed, and cool tool, that is not the only difference. The Xzillaraider 2 comes in a totally new package designed to be more robust, user friendly, and of course look better too!

The next step was to add the ControlPOD and make it the most useful switch ever made for a power module without making a customer buy a full monitoring system. Not only will the X2 ControlPOD show your current power level, but will also display an accurate reading of your Rail/ICP Pressure, Boost, and Coolant Temperature. We also listened to our customers and now offer you more adjustability than ever with as many as 6 power levels and downloads available with up to 15 power levels!!

The last feature we added was cold engine protection. In the past you had to use our Commander Control System in order to enable this, but now you can have it, remove it, or change it via the USB port and our download page!

Inside the Xzillaraider 2 you will find a state of the art 32 bit processor that will blow the competition away. This 32 bit processor allows us to have more tuning resolution and also tune more things due to this new platform. This means that the Xzillaraider 2 can make more power sooner and smoother than ever before.

Like the original Xzillaraider module, the Xzillaraider 2 uses a combination of alternating fuel pressure, boost, duration and timing signals to make its power.

The Xzillaraider 2 is in a class of its own. It has more features, more control, more function, more power, and the most reasonable pricing anywhere!

*Race Modules are done via USB upgrade for $80.00

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