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98.5-09 Dodge 5.9L & 6.7 Cummins
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Effective 1/23/2013, Quadzilla Performance Technologies has gone out of business. All units will be sold without manufacturer support and or warranty. Units purchased through XDP will be covered by our 30 day satisfaction guarantee. XDP will no longer offer extended warranties on Quadzilla Performance Products.

In 2006 Quadzilla introduced our first Boost Fooler with unbelievable success. With over 10,000 Boost Foolers in service Quadzilla decided to expand this line to include ALL electronically controlled Cummins for 2009! In this lineup we offer simple installation and reliability unmatched by anyone else. Quadzilla is also introducing the ONLY plug and play Boost Fooler for the 6.7L powered trucks!

If you are towing heavy loads, using a downloader/programmer or if you are just running modified injectors on your 1998.5-2009 5.9L or 6.7L Dodge Cummins, then the Quadzilla Boost Fooler is a MUST HAVE PRODUCT! On the 6.7L this product is a MUSY HAVE to go with ANY electronic performance device including the plug in devices!

While programmers can definitely improve performance, there are still things that they cannot do to allow you to gain optimal power and efficiency out of your engine. The Boost Fooler will allow you to increase turbo boost to compensate for the added fueling modifications you have made. Enabling your turbo to produce more boost will increase overall horsepower and torque and you will lower your exhaust temperatures.

The Boost Fooler is even a great enhancement for a stock truck that hauls heavy loads and needs exhaust temperature reduction. Even on a stock truck you can easily gain 5-8psi of boost pressure to help cool your EGTs. You will also see a slight improvement in peak horsepower.

The Quadzilla Boost Fooler uses a specialized high impedance circuit to allow you to make more turbo boost without setting any ECU error codes. The Boost Fooler is 100% weatherproof and designed for simple under-the-hood installation.

So what can you expect?

On any year model Dodge, you will be able to make as much turbo boost as possible with your fueling modifications. It is important to notice that the stock turbos do have some limitations.

If you desire extreme levels of turbo boost, you may need a larger, aftermarket turbocharger. Horsepower gains will vary from 10hp on a stock truck up to 50hp on heavily modified trucks. EGT reductions will vary from 75°F on a stock truck and up to 300°F on heavily modified trucks.

1998.5-2004 5.9L Cummins

On 1998.5-2004 5.9L Cummins you will need to physically modify your wastegate to gain more turbo boost. Doing this without the Boost Fooler will result in check engine lights and codes set into the computer. Stock 98-04 trucks should generate 18-23psi of boost pressure stock (depending on year model). With the Boost Fooler you will be able to run 35+ psi of boost depending on your fueling enhancements.

2004.5-2007 5.9L Cummins “600” and “610” Series Engines

The 2004.5-2007 5.9L Cummins uses an electronic wastegate which is operated off of the MAP sensor. In this instance no modifications to your turbo will be necessary. Stock 04.5-07 trucks typically spike up to 32psi of boost pressure. With the Boost Fooler you will see up to 40psi of boost on a stock truck and up to 48psi of boost on heavily fueled trucks.

2007.5-2009 6.7L Cummins

For the new 6.7L we have yet another new turbo design. This turbo uses electronically controlled vanes inside the turbo to adjust boost levels and allow for quicker spool up and ability to precisely control EGT’s. With the boost fooler installed you will see drops of 125 degrees on a stock truck (considerably more on modified trucks), up to 10psi peak boost gain and 6-8 psi sustained boost gain. This is the ONLY product on the market that is plug-and-play. There is no cutting, no splicing and no guessing. Simply plug this device in enjoy it!

All of these products can help increase the life of your engine by lowering peak exhaust temperatures while also giving you a small boost in power to go with it!

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Product Rocks
danny (TX) 7/17/2011 2:36 PM
First off you didn't go from 52 psi I call BS. Took my 04.5 cummins from 38 ish psi to 48 psi with bullydog, prob may not be the Boost fooler guys it may be simple operator error and the junk programmers your using. try BD never had issues (other than a good clutch). I also noticed a drop in EGTs while pulling hard. Never had any issues with fault codes etc due to this product, and i don't expect that anything will change there. Even without the programmer i noticed a modest 3 psi gain in boost, which you can tell. THIS THING ROCKS
jeff (new jersey) 6/17/2011 9:48 PM
product is amazing my truck produces 40 psi and i absolutely lov this part. 04.5 cummins with a diablo sport predator and diablo sport powerpuck, s&b intake banks monster ram intake and banks technicooler, 5 inch straight pipe into 8" stacks
boost fooler
steven (texas) 3/17/2011 11:03 PM
plugs did not match up exact. I installed it and it pushed the pin on the stock wiring harness out of the plastic plug. I had to re connect another plug to my stock harness.(A Pain) The boost fooler worked as advertised though. about 44#s of boost with smarty and about 1.25 miles per gallon better on fuel economy.
john (missouri) 12/3/2010 11:51 AM
the boost fooler is junk, i have a late 04 cummins and it is junk. it makes 40 with it and 52 with out it. that is running diablo sport predator on economy setting(100 horse)
horrible product BUY THE BD BOOST FOOLER--But XDP is awesome
Josh C (PA) 10/9/2010 10:51 PM
I had nothing but problems since I installed this. a few hundred miles down the road it caused a turbo underboost code which puts the truck into limp mode and you lose almost all power. this happened to me on the highway while towing 8k pounds multiple times making it hard not to get hit. Took it out and not a problem since. and I told quadzilla and they did NOTHING to help. Buy the BD boost fooler! its a great product and a company that stands behind their work. This one is JUNK. But on a better note I have had nothing but great experiences with XDP so buy from them!!