Quadzilla M3 Ford 7.3L MAX Mileage Module

List Price: $249.00
XDP Price: Discontinued

99.5-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke
Mfg. Number: FMPG001
XDP Part Number: QZFMPG001

XDP $5 Pricebeat Guarantee

Quadzilla Performance Technologies, Inc. introduces the Max Mileage Module. This is ground breaking technology matching the perfect balance of engine efficiency with the most economical pricing ever seen in the performance industry. Combine this technology with the only USB updatable module available on the market and you have a guaranteed winner!

The Max Mileage Module is a simple plug and play module aimed directly at increasing engine efficiency and fuel mileage. This Max Mileage Module is so amazing that we are offering it with a 90 day customer satisfaction guarantee!

You can expect to see gains of 8% - 12% in fuel economy with less than 10 minutes worth of work. In testing, many customers saw even better increases in mileage than claimed. The Max Mileage Module can completely pay for itself in as little as 4,000 miles.

Just because this is an economy based product does not mean we left out the important industry leading features only found on more expensive Quadzilla products. Included with the Max Mileage Module is a fully functional USB port for future updates or upgrades.

The Max Mileage Module will not put your engine or your powertrain at any risk. This product actually LOWERS exhaust gas temperatures. This product does not raise boost over stock levels and does not add any fuel to your engine. Because of the way this increased efficiency works, you will gain noticeable performance while empty or when towing. These performance gains do not affect the transmission under any circumstance.

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Max Mileage
Bill Schouten (Castleton. NY) 12/5/2009 6:31 PM
I have an 01 F250SD 7.3L, and this product does give slight fuel savings, but I did not notice any performance increase.

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