Quadzilla XZT+ Series Power Module

List Price: $399.00
XDP Price: Discontinued

03-07 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke
Mfg. Number: FXZT1000
XDP Part Number: QZFXZT1000

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  • 65hp/200 ft lbs gain
  • 3 On-the-Fly switch settings
  • Max Mileage Setting included
  • Fail Safe Technology
  • Lowers Exhaust Gas Temperatures
  • Cost Effective Towing Solution
  • Simple Installation
  • Designed for Towing
  • Does not affect transmission shifting
  • Smoothest power delivery available
  • USB Updatable

    After the success of the original XZT+ modules it was inevitable that we would also produce one for one of the most popular truck and engine platforms ever produced, the Ford 6.0L Powerstroke.

    Using cutting edge technology, we have produced a towing/performance product for the masses that is simply unmatched.

    This module is adjustable on the fly for up to 65hp/200 ft lbs of torque increase. You can also turn the modules to the Off setting or to the Max Mileage setting if fuel economy is what you are after.  Towing has never been better; less downshifting and ability to maintain speeds up grades are just a couple of the major benefits you will see with this module.

    To do this we use our exclusive Fail Safe technology to command fueling and timing parameters on the vehicles’ engine bus. While other companies use a similar approach, they are required to break the communication signals causing them to be un-reliable and un-trustworthy. With our Fail Safe technology you are actually able to unplug the entire XZT+ module while the engine is running with no affect on the motor at all.

    The XZT+ alters the factory fueling and timing parameters to provide you maximum towing power while not compromising the engine or transmission. While we always recommend using an EGT gauge while hauling heavy loads, the XZT+ does not require any other modifications to be made to the vehicle in order to see the power or economy this module has to offer.

    Unlike other modules, the XZT+ will not set check engine lights or service engine soon lights even on the latest 2007 model engines.

    The XZT+ for the Ford is USB updatable for free features updates as development continues.

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    Ford owner
    Joe (Sacramento CA) 9/20/2011 12:05 PM
    Where do I start. It was very easy to install, about one hour. On the low power level a slight increase in fuel milage. The truck accelerates much better. It stopped the transmission from hunting when in the hills. I was really hopping for this. I tow a 10,000 pd trailer and on this level it made a huge difference. On the high power level it is a hotrod period. At 30 mph if I stomp on the throtle it will downshift spoolup and spin the tires. More power than needed for everyday towing. I can hold 70 mph up over the mountains with the trailer with ease. Note, the climb is 6000 ft in one hour. The turbo stays cool for the most part and spools up much faster than before due to the new airaid intake filter. I am very happy with the combination. The only thing I would have liked to see is better fuel economy. Over all, This device is well worth the price. Highly recomended for anyone who wants to tow. Thank you for the great service at XPD
    KRWSR (NORTHERN NEW YORK) 12/10/2009 5:41 PM
    The jury is still out. At the max setting power is increased significantly but the fuel use is not so good. At the lower setting (mid) the power increase is not as noticeable but the fuel mileage may be one or two MPG. Nothing really significant. I am disappointed as I had hoped for three to four MPG on the highway

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