2012 Diesel Truckin Nationals

It's Showtime!

Check out the all new XDP Diesel Powered Pick-up Parking Area

XDP will be at Raceway Park on Saturday September 15th for the 36th Annual U.S. Diesel Truckin' Nationals.  Please join us and visit us at one of our two exhibit areas on each side of the track.  We'll be along the white wall in row #1 on the east side of the track and we'll also be in the all new XDP Diesel Pick-Up area on the new West Side of the race track.  The special note from Raceway park below explains the new changes that we at XDP are 100% behind.  An all new enhanced Diesel Powered Pick-Up parking area has been created and we've visited Raceway Park this past week to take a look at the new XDP Diesel Powered Pick Up area. It will hold hundreds and hundreds of Diesel Powered Pick Ups only.  No Big Rigs - just Diesel Powered Pick Up Trucks.  We look forward to seeing you at the 36th Annual U.S. Diesel Truckin' Nationals in the all new XDP Pit area.

A special note from Raceway Park

Dear U.S. Diesel Truckin’ Nationals Diesel Powered Pick Up Truck Attendee,

The 36th Annual U.S. Diesel Truckin’ Nationals is fast approaching on Saturday, September 15th.  Raceway Park would like to make you aware that pit area location changes have been made to enhance the event for diesel powered pick up trucks.  These changes mainly include event pit parking. All activities for diesel powered pick up trucks attending with regular state license plates (not with commercial license plates) will be conducted from the west side of the racetrack.  You’ll now have your own area to showcase your trucks separate from the big rigs in attendance.  PLEASE read the following very carefully so you are well aware of the event changes from the last event  in 2011.

•    Diesel powered pick up trucks with regular normal state license plates will ALL park on the west side of the ¼ mile drag strip in 2012 and years to come for this event. If in the past you transported tailgating party supplies for friends or co-workers who are bringing full size big rig diesel trucks please make arrangements to have the big rigs themselves bring in the tailgating supplies.  NO EXCEPTIONS. 

•    Diesel powered pick up trucks with business commercial license plates or trucks from out of state that are business vehicles but do not offer business commercial license plates may park in the east side pit area which is the big rig side of the track in the same pit area as 2011 and previous years.

•    All diesel powered pick up trucks with regular state license plates (not with commercial business license plates) who purchase a $40 drag racing tech card to race in the USDTN event will be inspected inside the new diesel pick up truck area staging lanes.  Tune to 87.9 on your FM radio to listen to all P.A. announcements for the event.

•    All diesel powered pick up trucks with regular state license plates (not with commercial business license plates) who purchase a $40 tech card who wish to enter the show portion of the event will be show judged in the new area for 2012.   1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies awarded for top three trucks.

•    TIME SCHEDULE: Gates open on Saturday September 15th at 9;00 AM.  TECH INSPECTION: 9:00 AM thru 2:30 PM.  TIME TRIALS: Beginning at 9:00 AM. 2 time trials per entry, time permitting.  ELIMINATIONS:  To begin approximately at 12:00 Noon. (Different then full size trucks eliminations)

•    Motorized recreational vehicles (golf carts, quads, atv’s, scooters, mini cycles etc) are prohibited and will be confiscated until the conclusion of the event. “No warnings this year”.  Please leave them home and let’s make this a fun and safe event.

•    NO alcohol beverages allowed to be brought onto RP property. NO tent staking into the pavement. NO pit area burnouts allowed.  NO cruising pit areas. Violators will be ticketed by Old Bridge Police Department and escorted off of property.  NO WARNINGS.

•    EVERYONE in attendance will have full access to both east and west side pit areas where the diesel powered pick up trucks and full size big rigs are parked to view and enjoy the family USDTN activities. 

PLEASE VISIT www.usdtn.com for more information about this years 36th  annual event and photos / videos of previous USDTN events. Many of your questions can be answered by going to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) tab on the left hand side of the web site.  PLEASE pass the word about the all new diesel powered pick up truck changes and the newly expanded pit parking area for 2012 and future years to come.

                            RACEWAY PARK STAFF

Make sure you attend the 2012 XDP Open House the following day!