XDP Polar-D Winter Formula Diesel Fuel Additive XDPD216

For All Diesel Engines, 16 Oz. Bottle (Treats 125 Gallons)
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After the overwhelming success and positive feedback of our XDP Diesel Power Plus™ year round formula fuel additive we began work on a winter blend. The result of our hard work and testing is XDP Polar-D™. This powerful fuel treatment increases overall system performance in cold weather conditions. XDP Polar-D™ prevents waxing and gelling while enhancing lubricity quality.


• Contains Lubricity Additives
• Prevents Waxing & Gelling
• Increases Cetane Number
• Absorbs Free & Emulsified Water
• Cleans Injection System
• Contains No Alcohol
• Exceeds B.O.C.L.E. Standards
• For All Diesel Engines

XDP Polar-D™ is a cold weather treatment that allows the use of number two diesel fuel year round. It prevents fuel problems related to winter operations, such as gelling and freeze up. The winter problems are addressed by using wax modifiers that prevent the formation of ice crystals, thus preventing filter plugging. It contains water-converting agents preventing free or emulsified water from freezing, and therefore addresses fuel system freeze up. XDP Polar-D™ is enhanced with cetane to improve cold starting capacity and to restore power levels found in good number two diesel fuel.


Add prior to filling fuel tank to assure proper mixing.
Treats as follows to lower the Cold Filter Plug Point (CFPP).  This could be as high as 10ºF - 15ºF depending on fuel quality.

  • 1 oz. added to 8 Gallons lowers CFPP by at least 10ºF
  • 2 oz. added to 8 Gallons lowers CFPP by at least 20°F

5% Cetane Increase

What is Cetane?
Generally, diesel engines run well with a Cetane Number (CN) from 40 to 55. Fuels with a higher cetane number which have shorter ignition delays provide more time for the fuel combustion process to be completed. Hence, higher speed diesels operate more effectively with higher cetane number fuels. The national CN average is 45.

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Dave (Detriot) 1/10/2014 1:54 PM
soo the temp has been around -20 with a windchill of -45... no fuel bowl heater, no intake heater, everyone else is having problems with keeping their fuel from gelling.. well i run the XDP Polar D and i not once had a problem with Gelling! not in these temps! truck starts right up thanks to this additive! id recommend this to everyone! well worth it for a winter additive! truck starts up so much smoother in the cold! LOVE THE STUFF!
Great product at a great price.
Jeramy (Michigan) 1/31/2013 6:13 PM
Just filled up my first tank while using XDP Polar D. I must say, so far, so good! Truck runs great and starts right up! Truck is not plugged into the block heater, and last night it was in the teens. Truck started right up!! XDP Polar D must be doing its job!! Was using Diesel 911 but am definitely going to be switching my diesel treatment to the XDP stuff. The guys over at XDP definitely know what they are doing!
Owner- Country Boys Diesel Repair & Performance
Nate Terrel (North Manchester, IN) 12/15/2011 10:31 AM
If your looking for an additive to run during the colder months, look no farther than XDP's Polar-D. The results i have had with not only my truck but also my customers trucks is outstanding...Faster cold Starts, Increase in MPG's, no gelling of the fuel even in 0 degree weather with a strong wind chill. This is the only product i use in my shop and i will back XDP 100% on this porduct....Try it and youll see the great results, it out preforms all other additives!!!