Amsoil Synthetic Heavy-Duty Diesel & Marine Motor Oil SAE 15W-40

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Synthetic Heavy-Duty Diesel & Marine Motor Oil SAE 15W-40 (AME)

Engineered for all types of diesel engines with an emphasis on modern, low emission heavy duty diesel engines. High 12 TBN controls acids from combustion blow-by and EGR. High levels of detergency and dispersancy additives control soot thickening, oxidation and wear. Resists bore polishing, deposit formation and ring sticking. Provides clean engine performance. Extended drain capabilities reduce downtime and motor oil expenses.

Package sizes include:

1-Quart Bottle  #AMAMEQTEA
1-Quart Bottles (case of 12) #AMAMEGTCA
1-Gallon Bottle #AMAME1GEA
1-Gallon Bottles (case of 4) #AMAME1GCA
2.5-Gallon Bottle #AMAMETPEA
2.5-Gallon Bottles (case of 2) #AMAMETPCA
30-Gallon Drum #AMAME30EA
55-Gallon Drum #AMAME55EA

AMSOIL Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel & Marine Motor Oil (AME) is a premium diesel oil providing excellent performance in all types of diesel engines where highly effective control of wear and deposits is vital. Built with heavy-duty dispersant/detergent additives, its 12 TBN chemistry neutralizes acids and controls soot thickening from EGR and blow-by to protect against corrosion, cylinder bore polishing (wear) and varnish/sludge deposits. AMSOIL AME resists heat and breakdown better than conventional petroleum oils for long lasting performance and protection.

AMSOIL, the leader in automotive synthetic lubrication, produced the world’s first API qualified synthetic motor oil in 1972. Trust the extensive experience of AMSOIL The First in Synthetics ® to do the best job protecting your engine.

Extends Drain Intervals
AMSOIL AME can extend drain intervals far beyond those recommended for conventional petroleum oils. Its unique synthetic formulation and long drain additive system deliver the best possible engine protection, cleanliness and performance over extended drain intervals, reducing vehicle maintenance and waste oil disposal costs.

Advanced Soot and Wear Control Formula
AMSOIL Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel & Marine Motor Oil is heavily fortified with detergent/dispersant additives and is naturally resistant to soot. It keeps soot particles suspended independently, preventing them from attaching together to form larger, wear-causing particles. Viscosity increase is minimized and soot related wear is controlled.

Maximizes Fuel Economy, Reduces Oil Consumption and Emissions
AMSOIL AME has lower high temperature volatility (evaporation) than conventional petroleum oils. Because less oil vapor passes into the combustion chamber, oil consumption and emissions are reduced. Lower volatility helps AMSOIL AME retain its viscosity after high temperature service for excellent fuel economy and continued dependable protection.

Excellent Cold Flow Properties
AMSOIL AME remains fluid down to -44°F. It eases cold weather starting and provides vital start-up lubrication to prevent engine wear. AME outperforms conventional 15W-40 petroleum oils and greatly minimizes the impact of cold weather operation.

AMSOIL Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel & Marine Motor Oil is engineered for use in a wide variety of light and heavyduty applications, including over-the-road trucks, off road construction, marine engines, farm equipment, mining, industrial (pumps & generators) and personal automotive or commercial transportation. It is excellent for use with low or high sulfur diesel fuels in standard, turbocharged or supercharged engines, including modern low emission diesels such as those equipped with EGR systems.

AMSOIL Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel & Marine Motor Oil is recommended for use in diesel engines and other applications requiring any of the listed worldwide specifications and gasoline engines requiring API SL, SJ, SH… or ACEA A3.

  • API CI-4+, CF, CF-2, SL
  • ACEA A3/B3, E2, E3, E5, E7
  • Global DHD-1
  • JASO DH-1
  • Mack EO-N Premium Plus '03
  • DDC Power Guard 93K214
  • Caterpillar ECF-1-a, ECF-2
  • Cummins CES 20071, 20072, 20076, 20077, 20078
  • Volvo VDS-2, VDS-3
  • MB 228.1, 228.3, 229.1
  • MAN 271/3275
  • MTU Type 2
  • MIL-PRF-2104G

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Best There Is
Dylan (Ngee) 8/6/2011 9:58 PM
I run AMSOIL in my 06 Dodge Cummins 6 speed 2 wheel drive. It's bone stock other than a strait exhaust with no DPF. This oil does make a difference in MPG. Running 65 on the highway and easy in the city i get an average of 26 MPG even with a 4:10 rear end. I wouldn't run any other oil in my truck. It's costly but definitely worth it.
6.0L Powerstroke Daily Driver
Mike Sparks (Texas) 11/23/2009 5:35 PM
Total surprise in the running conditions of my truck after adding this awesome synthetic oil. Fuel mileage went up 2.2mpg and cant wait to use Amsoils auto trans, and differential fluids. Hope to see another gain in HP and increased fuel mileage. I'm SOLD!
Best Synthetic Oil by oil analysis
tim bise (arizona) 9/11/2009 7:54 PM
used this in 2006 F350 6.0..60,000 miles, oil changes at 15K due to high heat, dusty conditions, and pulling trailer. Oil analysis since new shows best wear (none) of any oil ever used over 50 yrs! Aerospace engineer, and synthetics are the only way.