ATS Diesel Dodge SubZero Intercooler

03-08 Dodge 5.9L/6.7L Cummins
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ATS SubZero Intercooler Features:

  • Upgraded intercooler boots are included in kit
  • Air intake temperatures can drop over 200°F
  • Exhaust temperatures can drop up to 150°F
  • Provides higher efficiency cooling as compared to other intercoolers
  • Heavy-duty construction means reliability at higher boost levels 
  • Exclusive ATS stepped-tank design provides maximum airflow to the bottom of the intercooler
Provides clean bolt-on power with all hardware supplied
The ATS SubZero Intercooler lowers the compressed air temperature from the turbo in your Dodge Cummins® diesel truck. This is an important upgrade if you use your vehicle for towing, but is also great if you just want to increase reliability, power and economy. Cooling the inlet air increases air density, maximizes engine performance, lowers firing pressures and minimizes stress on the engine.
Q: What are the advantages of adding a SubZero Intercooler?
A: The Sub Zero intercooler has a very large surface area for better cooling capabilities; better than any other intercooler on the market. Cooler intake temperatures mean better mileage, more power, safer exhaust gas temperatures (up to 150 degrees cooler!) and better throttle response.
Q: Do I need to modify my truck to make it fit?
A: No, the Sub Zero fits perfectly in place of your stock unit, we simply use every bit of available space the manufacturer gave us! Just like all of our products, fitment is perfect!
Q: What Size inlet and outlet does the Subzero use?
A: The Sub Zero uses 3.5 inch inlet, outlet and comes with 3 to 3.5" high pressure boots to fit with stock size intercooler tubes. Everything you need to hook it up is included in this kit!
Q: What is the Sub Zero made of?
A: The SubZero intercooler uses aircraft grade 6061 aluminum, which dissipates heat, will not corrode and is very durable!
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