Banks Power 61222 iQ Flash AutoMind Programmer

See New Part# BP61212 & BP61214
2011-2012 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke
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The Banks Power 61222 iQ Flash AutoMind Programmer for your 11-12 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke combines the monitoring capabilities of the legendary Banks Power iQ Monitor with the power and efficiency of the AutoMind Programmer. This offers you the ability to deliver impressive numbers on the street, track and while towing a trailer. Squeezing every last bit of energy out of a gallon of fuel for improved mileage is just as much of a science as making big horsepower gains. By tuning your vehicle's fuel injection, ignition and transmission shift characteristics, the Banks AutoMind can deliver up to a 20-percent improvement in fuel economy for your diesel pickup. That's money you can put in the bank instead of the tank!

  • Gain up to +157 hp and +180 lb-ft (at the rear wheels)
  • Up to 5 power levels (including Fuel Economy)
  • Adjust or remove engine rev and/or top speed limiters
  • Adjust shift points and/or firmness
  • Banks iQ Flash controls AutoMind



PIDS Monitored With Banks iQ
  • EGT (no t-cpl req.)
  • Fuel Rail Pressure 
  • Oil Temp 
  • Engine Speed 
  • MAP
  • Ambient Air Temp  
  • Fuel Level 
  • Selected Gear 
  • Engine Load 
  • Avg. Economy 
  • Battery Voltage 
  • Turbo Vane Position
  • Boost Pressure 
  • Start Of Injection Timing 
  • Trans Temp
  • Vehicle Speed
  • Baro. Pressure
  • Coolant Temp
  • Torque Converter State
  • Transmission Slip 
  • Instant Economy
  • DPF Status 
  • EGR Command
  • Exhaust Back Pressure
The included Banks Power iQ Vehicle Monitoring System is over 5 inches of awesome! Set and monitor boost, coolant temps and a vast array of other engine parameters. Time performance runs. Scan/define/clear vehicle diagnostic codes. Open and read your Microsoft® Office documents. Work with the on-screen keyboard and calculator, watch videos, view pictures, listen to your favorite music, and much more. Banks iQ is so useful, you'll want to take it everywhere. With its rechargeable battery and out-of-vehicle portability, you can!

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Big power improvement
Chris Gibson (Kentucky) 2/28/2015 2:04 PM
This tuner works great and has been great for towing. It really wakes the truck up, the biggest downside is there aren't very many options at this point and you can't adjust tire size or anything. I called banks and they said they are working on updates but that's all they would say. However they can't adjust the tire size and speedometer without throwing codes on the abs and traction control if you use over 33 inch tires and are looking to adjust this your out of luck at this point.