Banks Power Dodge Cummins 5.9L Exhaust Brake

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1998.5-2002 Dodge 5.9L Cummins
Banks Power
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Banks' revolutionary design produces stronger braking power than other exhaust brakes. The large-bore housing, streamlined to increase airflow and diffuse exhaust, adds to engine power when Banks Brake is inactive. Banks engineered in a timed valve closure rate to prevent backpressure spikes common to other exhaust brakes and provide smooth operation. Every unit is factory tested and never requires calibration.

Cast, large-bore brake housing; High-force, 4" vacuum actuator; Computerized Brake Controller (CBC); Large butterfly valve with super-alloy shaft-and-bearing system; Stainless, 4" Monster T.O.P. turbine-outlet pipe (3" option connects to stock exhaust); In-dash switch; Wire loom; Mounting hardware.


5-Year Ltd. Warranty Brake assembly*

2-Year Ltd. Warranty Electrical components, pneumatic components, solenoid valve and auxilliary air supplies (where applicable)

*Ltd. warranty does not cover service conditions (i.e. soot buildup in shaft bushings due to out-of-tune engine, or excess heat-damage due to overly-rich fueling conditions)

Banks Brake and Banks Power Elbow cannot be used on the same vehicle.

*Due to clearance issues between the actuator and aftermarket intake tubing, this exhaust brake should only be used with the stock intake system.

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2002 Cummins
Jim (4 Corners) 1/16/2013 3:58 PM
Since the install in August the temperatures have cooled and my opinion had changed. The solenoid that controls the brake does not work in the cold. I'm talking 30 degrees or less. It will start working after several hours of driving or ambient temp outside warms up. Banks was good about sending me what they said was an updated one. It was the exact same junk part. Everything else on the brake works fine if its warm outside. Banks also reflashed the brain for no charge. They made it so the brake stays engaged until 5 MPH which is way better than 15 for deep grades on dirt roads. Will end up giving this back to Banks if they can't fix the problem since Utah has more cold months than warm ones.
2002 Cummins
Jim (4 Corners) 8/19/2012 3:06 AM
Instructions were fairly simple to follow. Initially after install, didn't seem to work, so we took the truck for a test drive and it worked flawlessly. The start up warming feature is nice. I have pulled with it several times and it slows you right down to 15 MPH than shuts off. There may be brakes that slow you faster, but this one works as adverstied. Only requirements for install is you can't be color-blind, or have sausage fingers, as you have to tap into several color-coated wires. My truck is Manual tranny. The automatic has a few extra wires to hookup than the standard.