Banks Power Exhaust Brake (Dodge 5.9L)

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2004.5-2007 Dodge 5.9L Cummins
Banks Power
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Banks Brake® 04.5-07

(04 1/2-07) A total system solution with enhanced transmission control for exhaust braking, Banks' direct-mount, no-maintenance exhaust brake has electronics that monitor critical engine and transmission parameters to maximize braking efficiency. It dramatically cuts downhill speeds without using the wheel brakes. This keeps brakes cool and ready for emergencies, and saves thousands in brake maintenance. Optimizes exhaust flow when not engaged. Easy install; needs no drilling, cutting or modifications to stock wiring.

(Automatic Transmissions only) Computerized brake control (CBC) and SmartLock are included. CBC automatically senses throttle position, controls brake engagement and cuts out annoying brake noises. Fast warm-up function prolongs brake durability, and automated brake disengagement at low speed smoothes stop-and-go driving. Banks SmartLock locks the torque converter & raises line pressure to smoothly reduce vehicle speed and safeguard the transmission.

Cast, large-bore brake housing assembly; High-force 41/4" vacuum actuator; Belt-driven vacuum pump with serpentine belt for quiet operation; Computerized Brake Controller/SmartLock; Large butterfly valve with super-alloy shaft-and-bearing system; Wire loom; Mounting hardware.

5-Year Ltd. Warranty
Brake assembly*


2-Year Ltd. Warranty Electrical components, pneumatic components, solenoid valve and auxilliary air supplies (where applicable)

*Ltd. warranty does not cover service conditions (i.e. soot buildup in shaft bushings due to out-of-tune engine, or excess heat-damage due to overly-rich fueling conditions)

04.5+ Automatic: Please Verify that your vehicle is equipped with a transmission throttle valve assembly and that NO Throttle Position sensor assembly is installed to have the CBC/ SmartLock function properly.

*For 2004 Automatic: If your vehicle is not equipped with a Transmission Throttle Valve Assembly but has a throttle position sensor located in the engine compartment on the drivers side towards the front of the engine and the three transmission connectors on the driver's side of the transmission you will need system part #55229 for your Banks CBC/SmartLock to function properly.


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Works great!
Greg (Wyoming) 3/15/2015 8:44 PM
Bought this a couple years ago and have had no problems towing a camper and ATV trailer down some steep roads in the Snowy and Sierra Madre Mountains in Wyoming. The overdrive disable switch works great in conjunction with the brake to keep your speed where you want it on those long steep down hills. Recommend to anyone who tows in the mountains.
Banks Exhaust Brake
Rick Stanutz (Pembroke, ON) 10/17/2012 12:34 PM
I installed this on my 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 with the cummins diesel and an automatic transmission. The kit itself was not hard to install, just review completely before starting the install, I did require a second person installing the new serpentine belt as it was a tight fit. The exhaust brake worked perfect, it helped with warming my truck up in the mornings and worked as discribed. With the cruise control on and the brake engauged it keep my truck at the proper speed everytime. With no cruise control on my truck would slow to around 30km/hr before it kicked out. I would recommened this exhaust brake and would buy it again in a heartbeat. Works excellent