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1999-2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke
Banks Power
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PICKUP: Amplify your truck's performance at the friendliest price around! Banks Git-Kit produces rear-wheel gains up to +50 hp, +88 lb-ft torque and saves you an average of 8% in fuel when you're toting something heavy behind you. Maintains safe EGTs to preserve engine durability.

Important: Some vehicle configurations require an extension kit for proper fit—please see application notes below.

OttoMind® Module
Banks' electronic OttoMind engine calibration module perfects the air-fuel ratio, maintains exhaust gas temperatures (EGT) safely at or below the stock recommendation, and tunes low-end torque for strong acceleration and load-pulling capability. Unlike "fits-all" chips that provide crude fuel increases, OttoMind precisely matches fuel delivery to Banks' airflow improvements, so your diesel engine will last its 300,000-400,000-mile lifetime. Each OttoMind is calibrated to a specific, corresponding Power Stroke engine code.

Monster® muffler
Replaces the factory's restrictive muffler with Banks' polished-stainless steel Monster muffler, featuring a straight-through 4"-diameter flow-path with Banks' designed expansion chamber, which dissipates the annoying mid-range exhaust drone so prominent in competitors straight-through mufflers. More than doubles stock airflow. Utilizes spun ceramic, very-high-temperature packing and delivers an authoritative—but never intrusive—exhaust sound.

Monster® exhaust
Banks Monster exhaust outflows stock and the competition. Banks' constant-diameter Monster T.O.P. (turbine-outlet pipe) flows better than the stock piece and preserves diesel durability by keeping the turbine-outlet EGT safely at or below factory specs. The streamlined exhaust pipe and 4" tailpipe are formed of stainless, heavy-wall tubing with constant-diameter bends to slash backpressure up to 81%. Huge 5" polished-stainless steel tailpipe tip sports a rolled edge. Double-walled design with 1/2" air gap keeps heat from tarnishing exterior mirror finish. Adjustable clamp for positioning on tailpipe.


Application Notes

1999 Power Stroke variations: Ford trucks for model year 1999 fall into three categories: 1999; early 1999-1/2; late 1999-1/2. It is important to know the specific model. Check the build date on the tag inside the driver’s door, then match below:

1999 model year—built prior to 1/99; with catalytic converter

Early 1999-1/2 model year—built prior to 1/99; no catalytic converter; intake manifold has 2"-diameter inlets

Late 1999-1/2 model year—built on or after 1/99; no catalytic converter; intake manifold has 3"-diameter inlets

'99-03 F-350 cab-and-chassis (no bed) trucks: If fuel tank is behind rear axle of the vehicle, use systems for F-450/550 trucks

'99-03 pickups other than standard-cab long-bed or extended-cab short-bed require Exhaust Extension Kit

Git-Kit not available for 2001-03 (275 hp) pickups

*Must supply Vehicle Calibration Code when ordering. Look for 4-character code with three letters followed by one digit (eg:NVK6) Code can be found on forward end of drivers door if not present or readable, locate black plastic ECU box under dash, left of pedals. Code is on back of ECU.

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It's o.k.- not great
Brian Brown (Washington) 11/26/2012 11:41 PM
This exhaust seems to flow pretty well, based on EGT's. I also purchased a Banks power elbow to go with my exhaust, but what they don't tell you is, the power-elbow removes your EBV (exhause back-flow valve). They give you a chip that plugs in to a wire that used to plug in at the base of your turbo. I was going to use this valve as an exhaust brake with my chip but I can't now because it's gone. The stainless is crap. I've had this exhaust for about a year and a half and it looks like aluminized steel. The muffler and tip are stunningly beautiful when they're new, but after 10k miles, they look like they have 200k on them. Installation was pretty straightforward. The joints can be difficult to slide together and if you don't get them completely seated, there are hanger issues when you get to the rear of the truck. Overall, I am pleased with this product and would likely buy it again. The material itself is not incredibly expensive, but when you consider the size of the pieces, costs of shipping and being forced to cut it into pieces small enough to get in a cardboard box that can be delivered, it's a decent price for an entire exhaust system. The sound is not anywhere near as impressive as I was hoping. The muffler really does a good job at muffling. If you're trying to make a stupid noisy truck, this is not your kit. If you're looking for a reliable, EGT lowering kit that sounds like something that might come from the factory, I would say this is probably a good choice. I don't know why Banks has such a hyped up reputation, I would imagine it's the millions spent on advertising. This is just a tube that goes from your turbo to behind your RR wheel. Lubricate the rubber before you try to slide the hangers in. You'll be glad you did and there are no long-term effects.