Banks Power Powerstroke 7.3L PowerPack system

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1994-1997 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke
Banks Power
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PowerPack® System

PICKUP: PowerPack supplies the ultimate in power, utilizing Banks' exclusive Techni-Cooler intercooler assembly that cools and condenses engine-air to fortify performance and durability through the drivetrain and to the road surface. PowerPack uncorks best gains of +120 hp, +256 lb-ft torque and 10% more mileage. In terms of raw power, strong acceleration and lugging heavy cargo up a grade, PowerPack-equipped Power Strokes perform circles around the rest. Example: slash nearly a thousand feet off your 0-to-60 mph distance, and tow from there!

Important: Read the Application Notes below before ordering.

Banks Ram-Air® filter
Banks Ram-Air filter is a lifetime, high-flow air-cleaner element that decreases intake restriction and sends more cool, dense ram-air into your engine. Even wet or dirty, Banks Ram-Air filters outperform conventional ones, because the multi-layer design traps moisture, dust and debris on the oiled, outer surface, allowing air to move through with ease. Includes a service kit for use every 30-50,000 miles.

Techni-Cooler® Intercooler system
Techni-Cooler produces a maximum reduction in boost temperature with minimum loss of boost pressure, and allows the maximum flow of air to the engine's radiator—vital when pulling heavy loads up steep grades. Banks TwinRam® manifold-inlet assembly provides even, "global" airflow distribution for consistent, even power delivery. With its large 3" boost tubes, wide-open inlet and outlet, thick core area with high volume, streamlined all-aluminum end tanks and TwinRam intake, Banks Techni-Cooler intercooler system feeds cooler, denser air to your engine, which produces more power while keeping exhaust gas temps down.

OttoMind® Module
Banks' electronic OttoMind engine calibration module perfects the air-fuel ratio, maintains exhaust gas temperatures (EGT) safely at or below the stock recommendation, and tunes low-end torque for strong acceleration and load-pulling capability. Unlike "fits-all" chips that provide crude fuel increases, OttoMind precisely matches fuel delivery to Banks' airflow improvements, so your diesel engine will last its 300-400,00-mile lifetime. Each OttoMind is calibrated to a specific, corresponding Power Stroke engine code.

Quick-Turbo® housing
Banks developed the Quick-Turbo in conjunction with the Holset turbocharger and major diesel-engine companies, to eliminate sluggishness "out of the hole" and produce strong acceleration. Quick-Turbo produces massive torque right from idle, achieves a higher peak faster, maintains more boost through the powerband, and doesn't over-boost.

Monster® exhaust
Banks Monster exhaust outflows stock and the competition, and protects diesel durability by maintaining the turbine-outlet EGT safely within the stock recommendation. The stainless, constant-diameter Monster T.O.P. flows 728 cfm @1 psi, beating the factory's turbine-outlet pipe by 26% and the nearest competitor by 12%; includes integral stainless-clad, ceramic-matrix heat shielding and pyrometer-probe fitting. The streamlined exhaust pipe and 3.5" tailpipe are formed of stainless, heavy-wall tubing with constant-diameter bends to slash backpressure. The polished-stainless 4" tailpipe tip provides a cool finishing touch.

For those with Ford E4OD automatic transmissions: Banks' electronic TransCommand transforms E4OD automatics into super-duty units by continually corresponding line pressure to power and load levels. Instead of soft, car-like shift characteristics, TransCommand produces firmer shifts, especially when hauling large loads. The module senses the load and commands the transmission to raise the hydraulic pressure accordingly. Light-throttle shifts are smooth and firm, while full-throttle or heavy-load driving produces solid, decisive shifts. Excessive clutch slippage is eliminated, extending transmission life.

DynaFact® gauges
Superior precision and durability are hallmarks of Banks DynaFact gauges. The pyrometer provides exhaust gas temperature (EGT) measurements that are accurate within 15 degrees F at maximum operating temperatures. Its spring-loaded jeweled movement is resistant to vibration and sports a lit, easy-to-read 0-1500 degrees F face. Banks 0-40 psi boost gauge monitors power and turbo performance. Includes 2-gauge mounting panel. Top-mount and pillar-mount options available.

Application Notes

1995 Power Stroke variations: Ford trucks for model year 1995 fall into two categories: early 1995 and late 1995. It is important to know the specific model:

Early 1995 model year—little or no straight section at muffler outlet, where it connects to tailpipe

Late 1995 model year—appx. 3" straight section at muffler outlet, where it connects to tailpipe.

*Must supply Vehicle Calibration Code when ordering. Look for 4-character code with three letters followed by one digit (eg:NVK6) Code can be found on forward end of drivers door if not present or readable, locate black plastic ECU box under dash, left of pedals. Code is on back of ECU.

Note: Banks Techni-Cooler comes with an all black appearance. Banks logo is for display purposes only.

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Bryan (Texas) 7/22/2010 5:16 PM
I bought this kit with only 3000 miles on my 97 Powerstroke. 180,000 miles later I still love it! I have only have to replace the belt and an AC compressor on this work truck and I owe it all the Banks system. This truck has pulled trailers and been on the farm and ranch its whole life and driven hard. Yes, my 2005 powerstroke is much faster but I still to prefer to pull with this rig. With Banks I never have to worry about my temps or transmission, just put the pedal to the floor and pull whatever I want. I highly recommend this kit for anyone who works their truck.
Harter (Quartzsite, AZ) 3/11/2009 11:17 PM
Have used the powerpack system for 3 years. It took me several days to install the whole system. I can now pull the Tehachapies on Hwy 58 in direct (3 gear locked up) with a load with an actual weight of 24,400 lbs without burning up the transmission or the motor. It has made me hungry for more power. What a difference.
ford f-350 w/banks power pack
Anonymous (Unknown) 8/23/2008 2:03 PM
this banks kit is ausome, the truck is over 50% quicker. i wish it would smoke more:}