BD-Power 1045131 Super "B" Special Turbo

2003-2007 Dodge 5.9L Cummins
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The BD-Power 1045131 Super "B" Special Turbo for your 03-07 Dodge 5.9L Cummins was designed in a joint engineering effort between BD Diesel Performance and Borg Warner Turbo Systems AirWerks program, these new turbo systems for the 5.9 liter Cummins engine flow enough air for racing applications, yet are responsive and durable enough for street and heavy towing applications. Plus, they're backed by a one year factory warranty!*

Turbocharger lag is usually the result of an improperly matched turbocharger. As the compressor wheel size is increased to meet the airflow requirements of the engine, it gets heavier, which hurts response time. BD's turbo systems, using Borg Warners unique Extended Tip compressor wheel technology and low inertia, full-floating journal bearings, outperforms ball bearing turbochargers of a similar size.

Our unique dual-volute turbine housing picks up low rpm exhaust pulses for improved turbine response, while the dual-action waste gate bleeds off turbine drive pressure from both volutes. BD's turbo systems also feature a heavy-duty waste gate actuator that prevents pre-mature opening caused by high exhaust pressure. You can even fine-tune your BD/AirWerks turbo for ambient temperature and barametric pressure changes using BD's adjustable waste gate control.

Put simply, you'll get more power, quicker response, cooler EGT's and lower exhaust emissions with a BD/AirWerks turbocharger! And, you'll have the added benefit of proven journal bearing technology--the very same used in 99% of the turbochargers produced in the world since 1921.


All of BD's single turbo systems are designed for easy, bolt-on replacement. This is a complete kit, not just a turbo but all the parts needed for installation. It has BD's adjustable waste gate and for some applications an exhaust adpater is included for stock exhaust mounting. If you want the turbo seperately, just ask for it.

Super B Special: The Super B Special bridges the performance gap between the Super B turbo and the Super B twin system. Flowing an amazing 80 lbs. of air per minute (compared to 61 lbs./minute for the Super B), the Super B Special is perfect for late-model Cummins common-rail or modified 12-valve engines and can deliver enough air for 550-625 rear wheel horsepower on diesel only. A bolt-in replacement for the stock turbo, the Super B Special kit includes all necessary adapters, spring-loaded T-bar clamps and turbo feed/drain fittings. kits

2003 and 04 Super B kits include an adapter so the turbo mount exhaust brake can bolt up; later models require a remote mount exhaust brake. 2003-04 Engines that have any more than a 100 hp increase will cause the stock turbo to over speed, surge and fail.

*This turbocharger is not compatible with an AFE Intake System without modification.

Due to clearance issues with the factory oil filter and intercooler pipe some larger air intake tubes will require modification. This issue can be resolved by simply clocking the intake tube or modifying the intake system.

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Great turbo
michael bowers (United States) 3/20/2016 3:54 PM
Install really wasn't too bad had it done in a few hours. The truck run much better then it did with the stock he351 and the lag isn't bad at all. 1000938A
Nice turbo, but...
JP (TX) 11/26/2011 8:46 PM
You need to know a few things. If you are looking to install this in your driveway it is very possible to do. The oil drain is the only thing you need to get from the bottom, but even then you can get that from the top if you've got the hands for it. BEFORE YOU BUY THIS TURBO know that the exhaust housing is an inch to two inches longer so some modifying of the down pipe may be needed. I just took it to my muffler shop and let him button up the exhaust for me (60$). Other than that, it is easier to take the turbo out as an assembly (manifold and turbo together) and set it up on a bench (or on the floor like I did). Also, it's a good idea to loosen the "clocking" bolts on the compressor housing before you install it that way you only have to tighten them rather than having to loosen them while it's on the truck. The turbo performs like a dream, but if you're running a 3rd gen I would recommend a smarty, manifold, and 90-100hp sticks to get full efficiency out of it.
TexasRed250X (Amarillo, TX) 2/23/2011 8:07 AM
The install was difficult but not because of the turbo. Getting the four bolts/nuts off the old one took me three hours and lots of knuckle bumps. The "Special" installed and fit like a glove. It makes great power up top where I wanted it. I have a manual transmission so 3rd thru 6th are my gravy. This thing makes it scream. Filled up yesterday after having it installed for a week with the old turbo on it for two of the days. Usually get 450 miles per tank and I got 481 on this one. I haven't been driving really slow either. I did the math and it came to just over 16 mpg in town. Also ran it part of the time on "Crazy Larry" but am now keeping it on "Performance" because Larry doesn't really make all that much difference with it. Larry will probably shine when I get larger injectors and more fuel to the rail. Kyle and Jeromy in sales and Robin in customer service made this all happen for me. I couldn't be happier. I would buy this turbo again and again. AND I'll definitely buy more from XDP!
cameron (raleigh) 12/25/2009 1:48 AM
the install was hard not a 123 deal but the performance made up for that, good product