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XDP Duramax PCV/Crankcase Breather Re-Route Fittings Install

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Over time, the factory PCV system on the 04.5-10 6.6L Duramax can contaminate your intake system, intercooler and turbocharger with oil. Those looking to avoid this contamination can use our (XD183) PCV/Crankcase Breather Re-Route Fittings to re-route your crankcase breather to a location or catch can of your choice.

Step 1: Disconnect Batteries

Step 2: Locate your OE resonator under your hood.

Step 3: Remove all mounting screws/fasteners holding the resonator in place. Using a rocking motion, lift and remove the resonator plenum from the intake tube.

Step 4: Follow the PCV tube until you reach the valve cover and bolts on both the Passenger and Driver side. Remove the bolts mounting the crossover tube onto the valve covers. Pull the tube up out of the ports. Save the bolts.

Step 5: Unclip the PCV tube from the intake using pliers to loosen the clamp. Disconnect the PCV line from the intake tube and remove from the vehicle. You will have to plug/cap this open area of the intake. (XDP offers the XDP Billet PCV Re-Route Plug XD185 for a perfect fit!)

Step 6: Using clean motor oil, lubricate the O-rings on the PCV/Crankcase Breather Re-Route Fittings.

Step 7: Install the fittings into both valve covers using the bolts you saved from Step 4.

Step 8: You now can re-route your PCV to a location or catch can of your choice using 5/8″ heater hose. (Hose not included)

 Purchase the XDP Duramax PCV/Crankcase Breather Re-Route Fittings Here!