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Save Your Truck from a Winter’s Worth of Hard Starts

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How can you help save your truck from a winter’s worth of hard or no-start conditions?    



For years, XDP has used Diesel Power Plus, the year-round fuel additive that has been a staple in everything from our trucks in the shop to your truck in the driveway. The success of Diesel Power Plus prompted the creation of an equally effective winter formula. After extensive research and testing, Polar-D was created to fill the void.   

What makes it work? 

What makes Polar-D different from Diesel Power Plus? Well, Polar-D is specifically designed for winter use, meaning low-temperature environments where your truck might have a tough time getting up and running in the morning.   

How? Polar-D prevents waxing and gelling of the fuel with our proprietary formulated anti-gel additives. This additive also helps clean the injection system, increases cetane number, absorbs free and emulsified water, contains no alcohol, exceeds B.O.C.L.E (Ball On Cylinder Lubricity Evaluator) standards with a special blend of lubricity additives, and is designed for all diesel engines.    

PolarD back

Advantages and Benefits 

Polar-D’s advantages over other winter weather fuel additives are the wax modifiers and water converting agents that help prevent freezing or gelling in the fuel system and filter plugging. The addition of Cetane acts to improve cold starts and gives you confidence in your truck no matter what the conditions.   


What is Cetane? Cetane is an indicator in diesel fuel similar to octane in gasoline combustion engines. It shows the combustion speed and the compression needed for combustion in the engine. It’s also a crucial factor when differentiating the quality of diesel fuel. Other indicators include lubricity and cold flow properties. This helps prevent diesel fuel from gelling and clogging the filters in your truck despite the bitter cold you may be driving in.   

PolarD In Tank

How to Use Polar-D 

The most effective way to use Polar-D is to add it before filling your tank to ensure it’s mixed properly. 1 oz added to 8 Gallons lowers the Cold Filter Plug Point by at least 10°F. 2oz added to 8 Gallons lowers the CFPP by at least 20°F.

When you choose to use Polar D in your truck this winter, you’re not only keeping your diesel from waxing and gelling but also improving the quality of the diesel fuel in your truck. Keep your truck ready to run in the cold! Get everything you need to take on the toughest winter and cold conditions at today!