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BULBZILLA products allow you to transplant a 9005 bulb into any light that uses a 9006 bulb (Bulbzilla 6.5 kit) or a H9 bulb into any light that uses a H11 bulb (Bulbzilla 11.9 kit). 9006 and H11 bulbs are commonly used in low beam headlights and in fog lights. Transplanting a 9005 bulb for a 9006 bulb (Bulbzilla 6.5 kit) gives you a 70% increase in output! Transplanting a H9 bulb for a H11 bulb (Bulbzilla 11.9 kit) gives you a 60% increase in output!

Simply put, there is NO other modification that gives you so much bang for the buck! You can use Bulbzilla as a stand alone product, but using it along with a Brite Box system provides even better results! Some vehicles use 9006's or H11's in BOTH low beams and fog lights. In these vehicles use TWO Bulbzilla kits for maximum light output!

Note: BULBZILLA kits DO NOT include the actual bulbs to transplant. There are hundreds of different brands / colors of headlight bulbs on the market and each individual has their own favorite. We do NOT include bulbs with BULBZILLA - you have to source your own.

However, a BULBZILLA kit comes with all necessary parts to transplant a PAIR bulbs into your low beams or fog lights:

2 - Bulbzilla adaptor harnesses
2 - Large Military grade silicone O - rings (Bulbzilla 6.5 kit only)
2 - Small Military grade silicone O - rings (Bulbzilla 6.5 kit only)
2 - Degreasing pads (not shown)
1 - Complete instructions (not shown)

*Must verify bulb in truck for proper application

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