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Bully Dog Technologies GT Diesel hailed by SEMA as one of Top 10 Best Engineered New Products

The GT Diesel by Bully Dog is officially available!  The GT is loaded full of features that allow you to get the most bang for your buck.  Eliminate the nagging and impress your significant other with the Real-Time Driving Coach that teaches you how to drive more efficiently and improve your fuel economy.  Be in full control with the capacitive touch buttons allowing you to change the display of vehicle parameters and power levels on the fly without pushing a button.  Capacitive touch senses the presence of your finger – so the days of button pushing are over.  You will look like an install pro with the ease and simplicity of installation.  Just plug the GT in to your OBD II port and follow the on screen instructions…15 to 20 minutes and you are ready to roll.

Want more than just the driving coach?  No problem!  The GT diesel will allow you to monitor up to four vehicle parameters at one time… and you have up to 20 to choose from!  Have we mentioned the safety benefits to your truck?  Protect your vehicle and set de-fueling levels if your parameters are exceeded.
When you are ready to buy a new truck – don’t worry about having to purchase a new tuning product.  The GT is vehicle transferable and updating on the internet is free!  Yes, that’s right – we don’t charge you for the updates that we put out.
The GT Diesel finished in the Top 5 of SEMA’s Top 10 Best Engineered New Products and was the #1 product in the tuning industry. Do what’s best for you and your truck … Own the best tuner and monitor on the market.  Your truck and your wallet will thank you for it.