Bully Dog Triple Dog Power Pup Downloader

*Discontinued* See GT Tuner 40420
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01-05 GM 6.6L Duramax
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This ONE downloader can be used on a Ford, Dodge, and Chevy. Yes, ALL THREE IN ONE!

 Models & Years

                Truck                          Year             

                Dodge                     2003 - 07  (5.9L)
                Ford                       2008 - 09  (6.4L) 

                Ford                       2003 - 07  (6.0L)

                Ford                       1999-03   (7.3L)

                GM                         2001 -  09 (6.6L)


 Truck  Settings  Horsepower  Torque
 Dodge 03-04  Tow  66  95
   Performance  94  106
   Extreme  113  135
 Dodge 05-06  Tow  54  103
   Performance  78  149
   Extreme  140  209
 Ford 99-03 7.3L  Tow  50  
   Performance  75  
   Extreme  120  
 Ford 03-06 6.0L  Tow  58  79
   Performance  75  124
   Extreme  107  156
 GM 01-04 LB7  Tow  40  75
   Performance  76  130
   Extreme  106  200
 GM 05-06 LLY/LBZ  Tow  35  46
   Performance  76  129

On the Fly Adjustability - Bully Dog can offer you something that no other can offer you in the marketplace, ADJUSTABILITY ON THE FLY! Every program in the downloader is adjustable on the fly! This means you can adjust horsepower levels while you drive using the downloader.


Internet Upgrades - Rather then having to send your downloader in for an upgrade, all you need is a USB cable and internet access.  Simply connect your Triple Dog Downloader to the computer using the USB cable and download upgrades directly from your home computer.


Improved Fuel Economy -   Even though the Triple Dog Downloader increases the horsepower of your vehicle, it will still improve the fuel economy of your vehicle as well.  This is due to the fact that the downloader, in order to gain horsepower, causes your engine to burn fuel more efficiently which in turn will improve your fuel economy.


Safety Features - Coupled with the OUTLOOK it will monitor pyrometer temps several times per second and adjust fuel tables instantaneously at a smooth rate to keep the engine integrity at maximum levels. Manual adjustability ON THE FLY at the touch of a button.


Reliability - Can you have all the adjustable features of a plug-in module WITH the reliability and quick install of a downloader? BEST OF BOTH WORLDS ALL IN ONE; No additional permanent connectors, No additional permanent running hardware, and less install error! No greasy hands, with install time cut dramatically, all this while maintaining ADJUSTABLE ON THE FLY with SAFETY FEATURES!! That’s right THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD, brought to you by Bully Dog Technologies!!



Transferable - Thinking about getting a new diesel? Trading out from one brand name to another? Take the downloader with you. This ONE downloader can be used on a Ford, Dodge, and Chevy. Yes, ALL THREE IN ONE!


Monitor & Display Engine Functions  - The Outlook monitor takes priority access of your engine and gives you control over your vehicle's power levels with the press of a button. It allow you set emergency de-fueling point bases on exhaust temperatures. When temperatures reach your set levels, the Outlook monitor will automatically engage and de fuel to prevent excessive exhaust gas temperatures.

Optional Outlook Monitor

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trampus (lampasas) 12/1/2011 10:31 PM
i have an 03 cummins and this programmer is amazing it will roal some coal and set you back in your seat i would definantly buy again
Deere Hunter (Tennessee) 5/20/2010 9:36 AM
Do not buy this programmer! I have a 04 Dodge 2500 5.9 Cummins. I purchased the bullydog about a year ago, since then i have went thru a lift pump, the screen on my outlook monitor has went out twice, and a transmission and thats the only power upgrade i have had besides a strait pipe! My truck shows no difference in preformance from tow/ecomomy level to extreme even with a suncoast transmission and converter it will just blow black smoke! The guys at Bullydog was not helpful and will put you on hold forever!! Buy a Smartie its worth your money the bullydog is not!!
2005 Cummins 5.9L......WOW!!!
John Tedder (Lancaster, PA) 6/18/2009 3:18 PM
The power difference is amazing! I tried the Extreme setting first and was blown away. Even though there is a massive amount of power to the ground it "could" be used for an everyday driver setting, if you can control your right foot! I found myself putting it to the floor after every stop (it just never gets old!!) so I changed it back to tow/economy setting to try to save a little fuel. The change on the fly option is great if you want to get pinned in the seat every once and a while. Outstanding product over all, and XDP was great.
This Pup will roast some tires!!!!!
Dallas Harrison (Lakeland,FL) 11/20/2008 3:25 PM
The Bullydog Tripledog is an awesome programmer to have not to mention convenient. By convenient I mean you can change tunes on the fly. For example, let's say you were in the extreme setting (your not supposed to tow on that one) you can just plug it right in and a second or 2 later your ready to tow in the appropriate tune, instead of waiting 5-10 minutes of downloading, without expecting high EGTs. This programmer is worth the money, I would definitely buy Again!!!
Crazy 2007 6.0
Kyle (Terre Haute) 10/31/2008 10:46 AM
Amazing product I've got it stacked with a BD boost fooler. My 35" tires are roasting at 55! Amazing product highly reccomend... I wouldn't run this in extreme power or agressive shift setting unless you have some trans work. I will be sure to order from XPD again they had all the right answers I couldn't be more happy with my purchase from them! Kyle -Terre Haute