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AFE 44-LF002 Pro Guard D2 Oil Filter 1837 2.00 AFE 44-LF002 Pro Guard D2 Oil Filter
$ 20.9
The AFE 44-LF002 Pro Guard D2 Oil Filter for your 1989-2018 Dodge 5.9L/6.7L Cummins delivers the increased flow and efficiency that is demanded in the Diesel environment. This oil filter is constructed with a high strength steel canister and a heavy duty coil spring. Also included is a built-in seal for a leak-free installation. Features: OE Fitment Heavy-Duty Coil Spring Secure Sealing For Easy Installation Note: Actual product may be different from image.
Donaldson Blue DBL7349 Oil Filter 32502 3.00 Donaldson Blue DBL7349 Oil Filter
$ 17.64
The Donaldson Blue DBL7349 Oil Filter works hard to remove contamanints in your 1989-2018 Dodge 5.9L and 6.7L Cummins. Donaldson Blue Filters with Synteq media reduce oil consumption, increase engine protection, and reduce operating costs. Donaldson Blue provides the optimal balance of efficiency, capacity, and restriction while removing more than 90% of contaminants that are 10 microns or larger, compared to 50% or less for typical cellulose filters. The fully synthetic Synteq media also delivers lower restriction to provide maximum flow. Donaldson Blue lube filters are designed specifically to provide longer filter life - a critical component of any extended filter maintenance program. Filter Specifications: Outer Diameter: 3.66 Inches (93 MM) Thread Size: 1-16 UN Length: 6.85 Inches (174 MM) Gasket OD: 2.80 Inches (71MM) Gasket ID: 2.40 Inches (61 MM) Efficiency 99%: 15 Micron Efficiency Test Std: ISO 4548-12 Media Type: Synteq Type: Full-Flow Style: Spin-On Brand: Donaldson BLUE Media Brand: Synteq
Donaldson P558615 Oil Filter 29091 2.00 Donaldson P558615 Oil Filter
$ 7.65
The Donaldson P558615 Oil Filter works hard to remove harmful contaminants from the engine oil in your 1989-2018 Dodge 5.9L/6.7L Cummins. When you demand Donaldson for your liquid filtration needs, you get more than just a spin-on filter. You have confidence that you are using a brand name the OEMs trust. For over 90 years, Donaldson has supplied OEM filtration technology for diesel engines. With nearly 30 years of experience in liquid filtration, you get quality and value with Donaldson Filters. Filter Specifications: Outer Diameter: 3.66 Inches (93 MM) Thread Size: 1-16 UN Length: 6.85 Inches (174 MM) Gasket OD: 2.80 Inches (71 MM) Gasket ID: 2.40 Inches (61 MM) Efficiency 99%: 40 Micron Efficiency Test Std: SAE J1858 Media Type: Cellulose Type: Full-Flow Style: Spin-On Primary Application: CUMMINS 3932217, PH3976A
FRAM PH3976A Extra Guard Oil Filter 4111 2.00 FRAM PH3976A Extra Guard Oil Filter
$ 7.97
The FRAM PH3976A Extra Guard Oil Filter for your 1989-2019 Dodge Ram 5.9L/6.7L Cummins is a direct replacement for the factory oil filter in your truck. Designed to meet or exceed OE specs, FRAM filters offer an ideal balance of dirt-trapping efficiency and dirt-trapping capacity. Using a special blend of fibers and resin, FRAM has created a proprietary filter media that delivers excellent engine protection. Extra Guard is the perfect filter for everyday drivers who perform frequent maintenance on their vehicles. PH3976A Specifications:Product Type: Full-Flow Lube Spin-onAnti-Drain Valve: NOGasket I.D: .42"Gasket O.D: 2.8"Gasket Thickness: .25"Gasket Usage: BaseProduct Height: 6.91"Product I.D: 1-16 Th'dProduct O.D: 3.66"Relief Valve Setting PSI: NONE
HUBB 8505 Lifetime Reusable Oil Filter 32053 3.00 HUBB 8505 Lifetime Reusable Oil Filter
$ 180.87
Protect the engine in your 1989-2018 Dodge 5.9L/6.7L while saving time and money with the HUBB 8505 Lifetime Reusable Oil Filter. The HUBB filter looks and works completely different than a conventional filter and protects your engine much better. The difference starts with how the oil flows into the filter. The HUBB filter features two large kidney shaped openings in its baseplate that channels the oil around the exterior of the primary filter. These large openings dramatically increase the oil flow in comparison to a conventional filter. HUBB deploys a patented filter-in-a-filter design. Most of the oil is filtered by the primary filter which filters oil from the outside to the inside. But when the pressure increases during acceleration HUBBs 1st pressure differential valve opens and oil flows into the secondary filter where it is filtered from the inside to the outside of the filter. This opposite flow from the primary filter eliminates cross contamination of the clean and dirty oil, allowing only the clean oil to flow through the center of the filter and back into the engine. The purpose of the secondary filter is to enable HUBB to keep filtering your oil at higher pressure. Conventional filters do not have this capability and when faced with increased pressure go into bypass mode which contaminates the oil as the filter stops working. To further protect your engine, the HUBB filter has a 2nd pressure differential valve that opens when pressures become excessive in extreme operating conditions. This 2nd pressure differential valve ensures that the engine is never without oil. And unlike conventional filters, this 2nd pressure differential closes when the oil flow returns to normal. HUBBs patented design increases the oil flow rate to the engine by 5 times the rate of a standard oil filter and HUBBs filter efficiency is 99% of contaminants at 25 microns versus only 52% for a conventional filter. In combination with its patented pressure differential values, the HUBB filter provides superior and longer protection for your engine. Better Oil Flow = Better Protection The HUBB Filter has been specifically engineered to reduce friction. Increasing oil flow the right way can help reduce engine friction. Independent laboratories have proven that HUBB increases oil flow by as much as 5 times over the competition. No filter on the market provides the oil flow protection of HUBB. Better Oil Filtration = Cleaner, Longer Lasting Oil Simply put, the HUBB filter filters better which means your oil stays cleaner, longer. Independent laboratories have shown that HUBB is 99% efficient at removing contaminants at 25 microns whereas most conventional filters are only 52% efficient. Thats a huge difference and is central to why you can safely double your oil change interval with a HUBB filter. Better Performance Starts with a Better Oil Filter Help your vehicle run better with a HUBB oil filter. HUBB filters use a patented, filter-in-a-filter design that is 99% efficient at removing oil contaminants at 25 microns (versus 52% for conventional filters). No Dirty Oil Mixing with Clean Oil When oil flow is restricted, a conventional filter opens its by-pass valve in order to maintain oil flow and protect your engine. However, clean oil is mixed with dirty oil when the bypass valve opens. And, since the bypass valve is at the bottom of the filter where contaminants accumulate, there is a risk that these stored contaminants will be released into the engine. The HUBB filter is based upon an entirely different design that uses two pressure differential valves rather than a single by-pass valve. This design ensures that dirty oil is not mixed with clean oil in high pressure situations. In addition, the HUBB design traps the contaminants in a way that there is minimal risk of contaminants being released into the engine. HUBB Filter Cleaning System The patented HUBB filter lasts a lifetime because the 2 inner filters are easy to clean and are reusable. The contaminants captured by the HUBB filter can be removed from the inner filters by using the HUBB Filter Cleaning Machine in combination with specially formulated Cleaning Concentrate. The HUBB system is MSDS compliant and does not require any special handling. Cleaning machined and concentrate sold separately. Features and Benefits: Washable and Reusable Design Made From Surgical Stainless Steel Filter-In-A-Filter Design Improves Oil Flow By 5x, Thereby Reducing Engine Friction 99% Efficiency At Removing Oil Contaminants At 25 Microns Captures Contaminants Up To 2 Microns Doubles Oil Change Interval 100,000 Mile Warranty
K&N Performance Gold Oil Filter HP-4003 521 2.00 K&N Performance Gold Oil Filter HP-4003
1 5 1
$ 10.47
KandN Performance GoldĀ® Oil Filters for automotive and marine applications have been constructed from the ground up to satisfy the high performance needs of race car owners and drivers, as well as the average vehicle or boat owner who wants the very best oil filter available. The heavy-duty construction provides strength to reduce the possibility of bursts and helps reduce the risk of rock and stone damage. A Sturdy 1" wrench nut makes removal quick and easy. The filters inner filter element traps contaminant as small as 10 to 20 microns in size. The solid construction allows for oil flow rates between 12-16 gpm (depending on filter size), and is unaffected by racing fuels. HP-4003 Product Specifications Product Style: Oil Filters Height: 7.23 in (184 mm) Outside Diameter: 3.69 in (94 mm) PSI Relief Valve: None Anti Drain Back Valve: No Weight: 1.5 lb (0.7 kg) Product Box Length: 3.81 in (97 mm) Product Box Width: 3.81 in (97 mm) Product Box Height: 7.23 in (184 mm) Cross Reference Manufacturer Part Number AC PF1070 CHAMPION LAB. LFP780 FRAM PH3976 FRAM PH3976A MOBIL1 M1403 MOTORCRAFT FL896 PURO L44422 WIX 51607
K&N Pro-Series Oil Filter PS-4003 9926 1.00 K&N Pro-Series Oil Filter PS-4003
$ 9.12
KandN high flow oil filters are designed to provide better engine performance by reducing oil filter restriction. KandN high flow oil filters are engineered to handle all grades of synthetic and conventional motor oils, including blends, and use a pleated filtration media that provides increased capacity and outstanding filtration. KandN's legacy in both racing and street performance finds its way into all of our filtration designs. Features: Height: 7.19 in (183 mm) Outside Diameter: 3.65 in (93 mm) Thread Inside Diameter: 1 Thread Number: 16UN-2B PSI Relief Valve: None Anti Drain Back Valve: No Style: Canister Removal Nut: No Gasket Material: Nitrile Rubber Filter Material: High Flow Premium Media Bypass Valve: No Weight: 0.58 lb (0.26 kg) Manufacturer Part Number AC PF1070 CHAMPION LAB. LFP780 FRAM PH3976 FRAM PH3976A MOBIL1 M1403 MOTORCRAFT FL896 ONAN 3903264 PURO L44422 PURO L45335 WIX 51607
MAHLE OC 1001 Oil Filter 80219 1.28 MAHLE OC 1001 Oil Filter
$ 10.13
The MAHLE OC 1001 Oil Filter will protect the engine in your 1989-2017 Dodge Ram 5.9L Cummins from harmful contaminants. This filter is processed to prevent decomposition and collapse under harsh conditions such as a high dirt load or repeated cold starts. This filter also features a superior filter media, bypass and check valves that ensure constant oil supply even in the harshest conditions. Features:OE Replacement High Quality Filter MediaApplication Note: Cross Reference For Chrysler Part# 5016 547AB, 5083 285AAS, 4429395, 5016547AA, 5016547AC, 5083285A
Pacbrake HP10016 Remote Oil Filter Relocation Kit 19150 10.00 Pacbrake HP10016 Remote Oil Filter Relocation Kit
$ 234.13
Easily access the oil filter in your 2003-2009 Dodge 5.9L/6.7L Cummins with the Pacbrake HP10016 Remote Oil Filter Relocation Kit. Remote oil filters can be used in many applications. Most commonly, the remote mounted filter is required on compound turbochargers as the installation of the second turbo denies access to the stock filter location. Pacbrake has designed this high quality filtration relocation kit using only the best components. Each kit includes high-pressure wire braid hose, and approved SAE flare fittings with an anodized filter head. Features: Provides Clearance For Custom Turbo Setups High-Quality Anodized Filter Head Includes High-Pressure Wire Braided Hose w/ SAE Fittings Fits 1"-16 UN Oil Filter Threads Install Note: Inner fenderwell must be modified to provide filter clearance.