Empire Performance EPE-Cam66-100X Camshaft w/ Alternated Firing Order

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2001-2014 GM 6.6L Duramax
Empire Performance Engineering
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The Empire Performance EPE-Cam66-100X Camshaft w/ Alternated Firing Order for your 01-14 GM 6.6L Duramax is the first of its type. Empire Performance Engineering was the first in development of a custom billet camshaft w/ alternated firing order for the Duramax trucks. The alternate fire pattern of the cam shaft is a large step in the right direction to solve to all so troublesome Duramax crank shaft failures at all horse power levels. By rearranging the firing order it allows for lower harmonics of the motor and relieves stress off the front area half of the crank shaft where most stress is found. 

Our cam profiles can be found in the leading competition Duramax trucks around the world. All cams are ground to EPE specifications per application. Note: The stage 1 - 4 cams are priced the same but are not suggested to be used on trucks that do not meet certain specifications. "Ex. Using a Stage 3 cam on a low boosted application can result in the term "over cam motor" and performance will suffer." All cams are designed for particular applications as well as having the ability to create a cam profile to meet your particular application.

Stage 1 - Street Tow
Stage 1 cams come with the ability to put out up to 750 horse power. No valve relief is required and we recommend 100 seat psi. 35 - 45 boost is also recommended for stage 1 cams.

Stage 2 - Street / Competition

Stage 2 cams come with the ability to put out up to 900 horse power. 40 tho valve relief and 100 seat psi required. 40 - 50 boost is recommended for stage 2 cams

Stage 3 - Competition
Stage 3 cams come with the ability to put out 1000+ horse power. Minimum of 70 tho valve relief and 130 seat psi required. 55+ boost is recommended for stage 3 cams

Note: In order to run this camshaft your wiring harness must be modified. Please follow the included instructions to complete this procedure. 
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