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Fitch Fuel Catalyst (Ford Powerstroke)

1994-2008 Ford 7.3L | 6.0L | 6.4L Powerstroke
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★★★★★ ★★★★★ 3 Reviews
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The Fitch Fuel Catalyst transforms diesel into a superior quality of fuel, allowing a combustion engine to extract the maximum amount of energy with minimal emissions. Get more Performance out of your engines for less: less money, less pollution and less maintenance headaches.

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst is a patented metal alloy that causes a molecular change in hydrocarbon fuels such as gas, diesel, oil, kerosene, etc. This reaction is similar to the refining process that takes place at the refinery. However, a refinery uses heat and pressure to "crack" octane or refine the fuel, where as the Fitch Catalyst creates a transformation in fuel but the "re-refining" process takes place on board a machine, at a low temperature. As fuel passes over the catalyst, it rejuvenates the gasoline or diesel, allowing for a more thorough combustion process.

An engine operates most efficiently and produces maximum horsepower and torque when it is running on the highest quality fuel. Gasoline and diesel is at its most optimal quality when it is first refined but unfortunately during storage and transportation, the fuel quality drastically diminishes. Sacrificed horsepower, torque and efficiency may be the result of this poorer fuel quality. A less than optimal fuel will also produce more emissions, soot build up, and deposits in engine oil and injectors. The Fitch Fuel Catalyst will boost octane in gasoline, increase cetane in diesel and re-refine the fuel quality, returning it to a superior "refinery" fresh state guaranteeing maximum performance and efficiency from the engine. Unlike additives that require replenishing, the Fitch Fuel Catalyst is warranted for 250,000 miles and does not dissolve or loose its potency.

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst simply improves fuel quality and all engines will experience the benefits:

  • Extended Engine Longevity
  • Improved Horsepower & Torque
  • Reduced Emissions & Soot Build Up
  • Increased Fuel Economy (1-2.5 MPG)
  • Reduced Overall Engine Maintenance
  • Improved Cetane & Lubricity In Diesel Fuel
What is the difference between a permanent fuel treatment and an additive?

An additive is usually a chemical added to fuel. Additives must be replenished at each refueling. A permanent fuel treatment affects the fuel but does not become part of it and does not need to be replaced.

What is the Fitch Fuel Catalyst?

A metal alloy composed by a proprietary process that permanently transforms hydrocarbon fuels to a superior quality fuel than what is purchased from a gas station.

How does Fitch work?

Gasoline and diesel is at its most optimal when it is first refined but unfortunately during storage and transportation, the fuel quality drastically diminishes. Fuel is attacked by oxygen, ozone, and microorganisms (bacteria, yeast, and mold) that grow in the fuel creating a less than optimal fuel. A less than optimal fuel will produce less engine efficiency, less performance, more emissions, soot build up, and deposits in engine oil and injectors. By installing a Fitch System, the fuel is treated with the catalyst on board the vehicle, re-refining the fuel to its most optimal state allowing the engine to produce maximum performance, efficiency and lowering emissions and maintenance


The Fitch Fuel Catalyst device is guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 250,000 miles!

Do it yourself - Bolt-on in line application using quick connect SLC & SAE fittings to adapt to OEM fuel line. No cutting of fuel line required. Adapts right to existing OEM quick connect fittings. Complete kit including Fitch in line unit, hose set w/quick disconnect fittings, adaptors and hardware necessary for installation. Instructions included with purchase. Only basic hand tools are required to install.

Product Options

FFF1001036BP 2008 F250/350 6.4L (Over 400HP)


  • Manufacturer Name Fitch Fuel Catalyst
  • Shipping Weight 10.00 lb.
  • Shipping Length 7 in.
  • Shipping Width 11 in.
  • Shipping Height 5 in.
  • Fuel Type Diesel
  • Warranty Yes
  • Warranty Info 10 Year / 250,000 mile
  • Prop 65 WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm -


★★★★★ ★★★★★
3.3/5 Stars out of 3 Reviews
SO/SO product
(Ohio) | October 3rd, 2008
I bought the 400HP plus Fitch for my 04 Powerstroke. The install was very easy and all required hardware was included. After installing it I have not really noticed an improvement in MPG. At most I have gained .5 MPG, but my tank to tank average changes .5 to 1 MPG. I have not noticed any less smoke either. I bought it as an experiment and have not seen the gains it claims.
(flagstaff ,az) | February 3rd, 2009
got ave 2 mpg in town and on the road, egts are up 200 degrees, this shows me that the fuel is burning better, easy install,really happy with it.
so/so Also
(estacada oregon) | April 9th, 2011
I bought this as a test also. My truck is a 2000 f250 PSD. I have intake mods. and a few other little mods. I have always been told this was snake oil, but the people telling me this have never bought one or had one on there trucks. What I have found is my temps are up about 30 deg. and im getting about 3 tenths better fuel mileage. I was hoping for more mileage, but its just not there. The instalation went smooth. finding a spot for it to be mounted is about the hardest thing.I mounted mine on the left side of the break master cylender. Using the master cylender stud as the mounting point. The kit comes with everything needed, even the factory fuel line disconect tool. The only thing I would say the kit needs is a few more zip ties. Im going to rate this kit a 3. just for the install and all parts needed being in the kit. For me this was a 3 tenths fuel milage increase, So for me, it does work a little.

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