Fitch Fuel Catalyst

As you know, all fuel can deteriorate due to the influences of microorganisms, oxygen and ozone. The Fitch Fuel Catalyst insures that all fuel (gas, diesel, bio-diesel, low sulfur diesel, kerosene, oil, etc.) delivered to a combustion engine is in its optimal condition allowing a burner or engine the maximum amount of energy with minimal emissions per kg of fuel.

Advanced Power Systems Int'l. Inc. entered into a research agreement with the Department of Defense to extend the capabilities of the product to fuels used by the military including diesel and JP fuels. The Fitch product line currently marketed is the result of this and other research efforts. The Fitch Fuel Catalyst improves fuel quality as measured by the ASTM tests specified by the Department of Defense. As the source of power for your diesel engine, the quality and condition of the fuel is the first consideration to think about when talking about diesel performance.
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Fitch Fuel Catalyst (Dodge Cummins)
From $361.85 to $523.55
1994-2008 Dodge 5.9L | 6.7L Cummins
Fitch Fuel Catalyst (Ford Powerstroke)
From $361.85 to $482.85
1994-2008 Ford 7.3L | 6.0L | 6.4L Powerstroke
Fitch Fuel Catalyst (GM Duramax)
From $361.85 to $482.85
2001-2008 GM 6.6L Duramax 2500/3500 incl. Kodiak/Topkick C4500/5500
Fitch Fuel Catalyst F3824
Jeep Liberty 2.8L CRD Diesel