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ATS 6019003224 Co-Pilot Lockup Controller 12921 3.00 ATS 6019003224 Co-Pilot Lockup Controller
$ 570
The ATS 6019003224 Co-Pilot Lockup Controller for your 99-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke 4R100 provides control over converter lockup in your truck. Factory computers are programmed to disengage lockup under many conditions that often inhibit the performance of the transmission. A push button control allows the driver to select the speed at which the converter clutch will engage and disengage. With the power off the Commander reverts to factory control. Minimum speed for lockup is approximately 18mph. This means that the engine will not be killed by forgetting to unlock the converter clutch when coming to a stop. The Commander offers better acceleration and cooler running, as well as giving the user braking or hold back (even without an exhaust brake). If an exhaust brake is in place, the Commander has the ability to automatically control the brake and converter clutch. 4R100 Co-Pilot Features: Push button control Control over converter lockup 18 mph minimum lockup speed Better Acceleration Automatic control exhaust brake
ATS 6019553224 SelectShift Stand Alone Transmission Controller Package 18763 5.00 ATS 6019553224 SelectShift Stand Alone Transmission Controller Package
$ 1290.4
This package is not for the inexperienced tuner, although the software is not difficult to learn there is margin for error. You MUST have a computer and know how to use it. Your computer must have a USB port and be in good working order. This package comes with 1 hour of technical support (that is usually more than enough to get someone up to speed) Additional technical support is charged at $100.00 PER hour. PLEASE NOTE: ATS Stand Alone Transmission Controllers (the "Controllers") are sold AS IS, NO WARRANTY, either express or implied, in any circumstance or application. These Controllers are designed for racing applications and remove all safeguards related to standard electronic transmission controls. ATS can only provide limited tech support on this item. Build Date Guide: Fits trucks built from Aug-98 to Jul-02 Electronics only does not include accumulator body.
Banks Power 55266 SmartLock Trans Brake 34176 4.00 Banks Power 55266 SmartLock Trans Brake
$ 399
The Banks Power 55266 Smartlock Trans Brake is an essential add-on component for the Banks Power Exhaust Brake on your 1999-2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke. Designed to automatically activate when conditions call for braking, the SmartLock locks the torque converter and simultaneously raises transmission-line pressure, to smoothly reduce vehicle speed. Besides saving wear-and-tear on your service brakes, the SmartLock helps to prolong automatic transmission durability by increasing its holding capacity, eliminating excessive clutch slippage and cooling transmission-fluid temperatures. Features:For Use With Banks Exhaust BrakeSaves Wear and Tear On Service BrakesEliminates Excessive Clutch Slippage Automatically Activates When Banks Brake Is ActiveLocks Torque Converter and Simultaneously Raises Trans-Line Pressure
Banks Power TransCommand 1971 5.00 Banks Power TransCommand
4.71 5 7
$ 298
TransCommand is an automatic-transmission-management computer that delivers functions that no single module can. The 4R100sused in full-sized Ford trucks and vans since 1989have soft, car-like shift characteristics. Many truck owners prefer firmer shifts, especially when hauling large loads. TransCommand is the quick, efficient cure. The electronic module senses the load and commands the transmission to raise the hydraulic pressure accordingly. Light-throttle shifts are smooth and firm, while full-throttle or heavy-load driving produces solid, decisive shifts. Excessive clutch slippage is eliminated, extending transmission life. Built with high-temp, solid-state components. Easy to install. 2-Year Ltd. Warranty
BD-Power 1030390 AutoLoc Torque Converter Lock-Up Controller 24629 2.00 BD-Power 1030390 AutoLoc Torque Converter Lock-Up Controller
$ 305
The BD-Power 1030390 AutoLoc Torque Converter Lock-Up Controller for your 1994-2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke is designed for use with the BD-Power Exhaust Brake. If your torque converter isnt locked up when the exhaust brake is applied, youre only benefiting from a fraction of its retarding power. The BD AutoLoc commands the torque converter to lock up, and stay locked up, any time the exhaust brake is applied in third and fourth gears. This not only helps with engine braking, but because theres no clutch slippage, transmission oil temperatures remain low. The lock-up clutch and exhaust brake automatically disengage at low speeds to prevent stalling and transmission/converter damage. Features: Controls Torque Converter Lockup Helps Lower Transmission Temperatures
BD-Power 1030395 TorqLoc Torque Converter Control System 4078 2.00 BD-Power 1030395 TorqLoc Torque Converter Control System
$ 360
Command the torque converter to stay locked, stay unlocked, or revert to OEM settings with the BD TorqLoc. Flip the toggle switch to position one, and the lock-up clutch is engaged, so transmission temperature remains low and the exhaust brake can work with 100% effectiveness (this is a manual setting and should only be selected under light load/light power conditions, such as highway driving). Position two reverts back to stock function, or can be wired to unlock the torque converter. Position three acts as an AutoLoc by commanding lock-up only when the exhaust brake is engaged - perfect setting for every day driving in all situations. Additionally, the TorqLoc has an Overdrive inverter option which allows the transmission to start out in Drive which will prevent upshift into the Overdrive gear - great for those who live in city/urban areas. Also, if you have a BD Valve Body with the second gear lock-up capability, the lock-up can be set to hold until 5-10 mph.
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