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AFE 77-63001 BrakeLogic Exhaust Brake Controller 43445 5.00 AFE 77-63001 BrakeLogic Exhaust Brake Controller
$ 649
The AFE 77-63001 BrakeLogic Exhaust Brake Controller is a simple plug and play module for your 2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke. The BrakeLogic Exhaust Brake Controller utilizes the systems of your Powerstroke to create up to 130 retarding horsepower and up to 70psi of exhaust back pressure. Because the BrakeLogic uses other systems to assist with braking, there is less wear and tear to your braking system.Features:Simple InstallCreates Up To 130 Retarding HorsepowerReduces Wear and Tear On Your Brake System Controls Transmission Downshifts To Enhance Braking
Banks Power 55469 Brake w/ Switch 19354 3.00 Banks Power 55469 Brake w/ Switch
$ 386.69
TOP OF THE HILL... NOW WHAT? You've crested that big hill and need to start thinking about slowing down. What do you do? Ride your service brakes and hope they don't overheat? Downshift the transmission and possibly over-rev your engine? Look for a runaway truck ramp?? DON'T GET PUSHED AROUND! When you've got a heavy load behind your truck and steep downhill grades to deal with, instead of feeling in control you can sometimes feel helpless. Not anymore. The new, all-electronic Banks Brake offers total safety and a whole lot more. HOW DOES THE BANKS BRAKE WORK? It works by modulating systems already found on the vehicle... no mechanical additions whatsoever. And its level of braking power and intensity is completely user-selectable at the turn of a switch. It's extremely easy to install, even easier to use, and best of all, we're offering Banks Brake at a value price previously unheard of! FAST BRAKE Towing a heavy load and dealing with steep downhill grades can be a scary proposition. Under those conditions, things can happen in a big hurry. At Banks, we believe that theres no such thing as having too much braking power. If youve been in a situation where youve needed to pull up on the reins on your truck and trailer quickly, we think youll agree. Whats at Stake Safety is and ought to be the number one concern when youre behind the wheel of your truck. At minimum, you want to protect your valuable property. But what were really talking about is protecting your very life, the lives of your passengers, and even the lives of those in the vehicles around you potentially. When you need to slow down or stop in a hurry, do you have the real-time braking power and control necessary for true peace-of-mind? Well, Banks engineers have designed a most elegant and affordable solution. Slow In A Hurry Our Banks Brake delivers exactly what you need firm control over your truck and trailers downhill momentum and the ability to pull up quickly if the need arises. With its easy-to-use switch control, you set the braking intensity and Banks Brake does all the rest. Your desired downhill pace is achieved and your service brakes stay cool and at the ready should conditions call for their supplemental use. Most important of all, you can rest assured and enjoy the hilly country rather than fear it. Only Banks Banks Brake is truly in a league of its own. By delivering enough stopping power to bring your truck to an absolute crawl intelligently and automatically only Banks puts safety and peace-of-mind back on your side. The next time you crest a big hill with your truck and trailer, make sure youve got the Banks Brake riding shotgun. Features: Reduce Service Brake Use All Electronic Plug and Play Design NOTE: Must be used in conjunction with Banks Six-Gun w/ Switch (sold separately)
Banks Power 55478 Banks SpeedBrake 35817 6.00 Banks Power 55478 Banks SpeedBrake
$ 281.21
Extend the service life of the brakes on your 2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke with the Banks Power 55478 Banks SpeedBrake. The SpeedBrake is easily installed and provides your Powerstroke with an all-electronic braking system. Set the desired downhill speed of your Powerstroke and the SpeedBreak reduces your down hill speed up to 78 percent.Features:Improves Braking Performance Prolongs The Life Of Your BrakesCuts Downhill Speed Up To 78 PercentApplication Notes:Requires Banks iDash 1.8 DataMonster or Super Gauge (not included).
Banks Power 61434 SpeedBrake with iDash 1.8 35513 7.00 Banks Power 61434 SpeedBrake with iDash 1.8
$ 789
Get automatic downhill braking assistance without having to modify the exhaust on your 2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke with the Banks Power 61434 SpeedBrake with iDash 1.8. The Banks SpeedBrake is a revolutionary approach to exhaust braking, utilizing existing systems already found on your truck. By manipulating the variable geometry turbo vanes in unison with torque converter lock up and deliberate gear selection, you get hands (and feet) free, automatic hill-taming stopping power! The SpeedBrake lets you set your desired downhill speed and then automatically takes over from there for peace of mind driving.Controlling the SpeedBrake is made easy with the included Banks iDash 1.8 digital gauge. Featuring a full color screen, this super gauge has full OBDII scan tool functions to read and clear trouble codes, 3 selectable strength operation modes (Low, Medium, and High) as well as various engine monitors and downhill speed control. A simple plug and play all-electronic design means there are only a few easy underhood connections that are needed with no need to make modifications to the exhaust system.Features:Plug and Play InstallationSystem Status IndicatorOBDII Scan Tool FunctionalityBanks Six-Gun Tuner RequiredCuts Downhill Speed Up To 78%Fully Automatic User Selectable SpeedDisplay Various Engine and Vehicle MonitorsNote: For Trucks with Automatic Transmissions Only.This Banks SpeedBrake requires the Banks Power Six-Gun Diesel Tuner (see below) for operation.
Banks Power SpeedBrake All-Electronic Ford Braking System 5303 6.00 Banks Power SpeedBrake All-Electronic Ford Braking System
5 5 1
$ 267.5
A revolutionary approach to exhaust braking, Banks' patented new SpeedBrake does what no brake has done before. The world's first all-electronic braking system, SpeedBrake achieves maximum braking power by intelligently modulating systems already found on the truck. SpeedBrake manipulates the variable geometry turbine vanes in concert with deliberate gear selection and torque converter clutch application to deliver not just total hill-taming stopping power but also peace of mind. Hands (and feet) free, and totally automatic, SpeedBrake lets you set your desired downhill speed and it does all the rest. A huge value-add designed to work in conjunction with any Banks power tuner and Banks iDash 1.8 or iQ-interface combo. (Works on Automatic Transmissions only)Features:More effective braking than is possible with a simple valve assemblyOperating modes ON: Maximum braking; High, Med and Low strength settingsSPEED CONTROL: Maintains pre-selected target speedDisplays vehicle speed, current braking effort (relating to vane position), trans temp, engine coolant temp and much moreOBDII scan tool capability: reads/interprets/clears codesSystem Status Indicator with on-screen alerts (excessive coolant or trans temps, for example)Easy, clean install; all-electronic design requires only a few simple underhood connections; no modifications to the exhaust system are neededIn testing, dramatically outperformed all competitive products in basic braking function (and nobody but Banks has anything like a Speed Control Mode!Note:Must be used in conjunction with Banks Tuner and Banks iDash 1.8 or Banks iQ.(sold separately) This kit does NOT include an iDash or iQ.
BD-Power 2001100 Variable Vane Exhaust Brake 15527 2.00 BD-Power 2001100 Variable Vane Exhaust Brake
$ 595
The BD-Power 2001100 Variable Vane Exhaust Brake uses the variable vane turbocharger in your 08-10 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke. The variable vane design used in diesels today can reduce turbo lag, emissions and increase power and it can also be used to slow you down. BD utilizes this technology by electronically closing off the turbine vanes which can create up to 130 retarding horsepower. This braking force will help to maintain your speeds on descents and curves, giving you better control of your truck and load. The Variable Vane Exhaust Brake rotary switch offers three different modes including: Stock, Vane Control Only and Vane Control with Aggressive Downshift. Easily and simple installs by plugging into existing factory ports any by mounting the rotary switch on your dash. Features: Up To 130 Retarding Horsepower Allows For Better Control Of Your Truck Easy Installation - Plugs Into Factory Ports