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Banks Power 55449 Brake w/ Switch 19351 5.00 Banks Power 55449 Brake w/ Switch
$ 697.09
TOP OF THE HILL... NOW WHAT? You've crested that big hill and need to start thinking about slowing down. What do you do? Ride your service brakes and hope they don't overheat? Downshift the transmission and possibly over-rev your engine? Look for a runaway truck ramp?? DON'T GET PUSHED AROUND! When you've got a heavy load behind your truck and steep downhill grades to deal with, instead of feeling in control you can sometimes feel helpless. Not anymore. The new, all-electronic Banks Brake offers total safety and a whole lot more. HOW DOES THE BANKS BRAKE WORK? It works by modulating systems already found on the vehicle... no mechanical additions whatsoever. And its level of braking power and intensity is completely user-selectable at the turn of a switch. It's extremely easy to install, even easier to use, and best of all, we're offering Banks Brake at a value price previously unheard of! FAST BRAKE Towing a heavy load and dealing with steep downhill grades can be a scary proposition. Under those conditions, things can happen in a big hurry. At Banks, we believe that theres no such thing as having too much braking power. If youve been in a situation where youve needed to pull up on the reins on your truck and trailer quickly, we think youll agree. Whats at Stake Safety is and ought to be the number one concern when youre behind the wheel of your truck. At minimum, you want to protect your valuable property. But what were really talking about is protecting your very life, the lives of your passengers, and even the lives of those in the vehicles around you potentially. When you need to slow down or stop in a hurry, do you have the real-time braking power and control necessary for true peace-of-mind? Well, Banks engineers have designed a most elegant and affordable solution. Slow In A Hurry Our Banks Brake delivers exactly what you need firm control over your truck and trailers downhill momentum and the ability to pull up quickly if the need arises. With its easy-to-use switch control, you set the braking intensity and Banks Brake does all the rest. Your desired downhill pace is achieved and your service brakes stay cool and at the ready should conditions call for their supplemental use. Most important of all, you can rest assured and enjoy the hilly country rather than fear it. Only Banks Banks Brake is truly in a league of its own. By delivering enough stopping power to bring your truck to an absolute crawl intelligently and automatically only Banks puts safety and peace-of-mind back on your side. The next time you crest a big hill with your truck and trailer, make sure youve got the Banks Brake riding shotgun. Features: Reduce Service Brake Use All Electronic Plug and Play Design
Banks Power 61433 SpeedBrake with iDash 1.8 35512 7.00 Banks Power 61433 SpeedBrake with iDash 1.8
5.00 5 1
$ 899
The Banks Power 61433 SpeedBrake with iDash 1.8 is an all-electronic braking system that intelligently modulates the existing systems found in your 2007.5-2010 GM 6.6L Duramax LML. By manipulating the variable geometry turbo vanes in unison with torque converter lock up and deliberate gear selection, you get hands (and feet) free, automatic hill-taming stopping power! The SpeedBrake lets you set your desired downhill speed and then automatically takes over from there for peace of mind driving.The included Banks iDash 1.8 gives you total control over the SpeedBrake while allowing you to monitor vital engine and powertrain parameters. Featuring a full color screen, this super gauge has a full OBDII scan tool capability to read and clear trouble codes, 3 different strength operation modes (Low, Medium, and High) and various engine monitors, speed control. iDash even has on-screen indicators that will alert drivers to things like excessive transmission or coolant temperatures to keep your truck safe. A simple all-electronic plug and play design means there are only a few easy underhood connections needed with no modifications to the exhaust system necessary.Features:Plug and Play InstallationSystem Status IndicatorNo Modification NeededOBDII Scan Tool FunctionalityCuts Downhill Speed Up To 78%Fully Automatic User Selectable SpeedDisplay Various Engine and Vehicle Monitors
Banks Power 61463 Banks Speedbrake with iDash 1.8 DataMonster 35822 7.00 Banks Power 61463 Banks Speedbrake with iDash 1.8 DataMonster
$ 1019
Add the world’s first all-electronic braking system to your 2007.5-2010 GM 6.6L Duramax with the Banks Power 61463 Banks Speedbrake with iDash 1.8 DataMonster. Easily installed, the SpeedBrake extends the life of your brakes by using the exhaust gases created by your Duramax to help slow it down. Simply set your downhill speed and let the SpeedBrake control your systems to maintain that speed. Features:Improves Braking Performance Prolongs The Life Of Your BrakesCuts Downhill Speed Up To 78 PercentIncludes Banks iDash 1.8 DataMonster
Banks Power SpeedBrake All-Electronic Braking System 3991 4.00 Banks Power SpeedBrake All-Electronic Braking System
4.67 5 3
$ 496.74
Banks SpeedBrake is a revolutionary, patented all-electronic braking system with downhill speed regulating capability, user-adjustable setpoint speeds (25-75 mph) and built-in safety. It takes exhaust braking to a whole new level by combining intelligent manipulation of the variable geometry turbo's turbine vanes with specific control of gear selection and torque converter clutch application when engine braking is desired. SpeedBrake has various operating modes and settings to optimize braking function for individual preferences and conditions.Features and Benefits:More effective braking than is possible with a simple valve assemblySystem Status Indicator with on-screen alerts (excessive coolant or trans temps, for example)Easy, clean install; all-electronic design requires only a few simple underhood connections; no modifications to the exhaust system are neededIn testing, dramatically outperformed all competitive products in basic braking function (and nobody but Banks has anything like a Speed Control Mode!)Easy touch-screen control - Displays vehicle speed, current braking effort (relating to vane position), trans temp, engine coolant temp and much moreOBDII scan tool capability: reads/interprets/clears codesSystem Status Indicator with on-screen alerts (excessive coolant or trans temps, for example) Operating Modes:ON: Maximum braking; High, Med and Low strength settings SPEED CONTROL: Maintains pre-selected target speed Note:SpeedBrake requires use of Banks Power iQ or PDA.Grade percentage parameter shown on monitor is no longer available.
BD-Power Duramax Exhaust Brake 64 34.00 BD-Power Duramax Exhaust Brake
5.00 5 1
$ 1310
BD Engine Brakes enable your Diesel to navigate downhill grades and mountainous terrain easier and safer than using the vehicle's conventional braking system. This will increase the life of the stock foundation brakes and also prevent brake fade under severe grade driving. The factory-approved backpressure provides the retarding horsepower to slow down the vehicle on even the steepest descents or just slowing down for a highway off ramp. The exhaust flow is not restricted when the stainless butterfly is open in the large 4 casting that bolts into the exhaust system. The kit is complete with a lighted toggle switch for mounting conveniently on the dash. The brake releases as soon as the throttle is applied or the switch is flipped off. As in other BD designs, the backpressure is self-regulating. Once the pressure reaches the DuraMax specification, the butterfly position changes to maintain the highest pressure possible. This variable orifice design offers far superior retarding performance throughout the engine RPM range compared to a fixed orifice design that only offers peak retarding performance at peak rpm.The new Allison equipped DuraMax is designed to downshift once the tow/haul button is selected, which results in a Silent Retarding Force at all vehicle speeds.
BD-Power Variable Vane Exhaust Brake 6200 2.00 BD-Power Variable Vane Exhaust Brake
$ 495
With the change in technology as the newer truck models rolled out of the plant, we at BD have changed as well to apply our over 20-years of braking technology to match. With the newer Chevy Duramax engines, the change was already there, we just had to utilize it for your engine retarding needs. The same Garrett variable vane turbo design is used in the 2004.5-up Duramax engine to reduce turbo lag and increase power can also help slow you down. BD utilizes the variable technology built into the turbo by closing off the vanes while retarding creating up to 35psi of back pressure. What does this give you? Ample retarding horsepower to help maintain your speeds on descents and curves giving you better control of your truck and load. How do you use it? While in Tow/Haul mode, switch BDs Variable Vane Brake on and every time you let off the throttle it will close the variable vanes in the turbo which develops exhaust back pressure in the engines combustion chamber, creating resistance against the piston from reaching top dead center. Is it easy to install? YES! Most of the connection is done via an existing diagnostic port on the engine making for an easy and clean installation. Is it hard on your truck? Not at all We have designed our brake to not make harsh downshifts into lower gears that can cause tire chirp and drive train strain. The Variable Vane Exhaust Brake is also firmware updateable via the internet using your computer's USB connection and is the perfect fit for your Duramax towing needs. The VVB rotary switch offers three different modes included automatic moderate and aggressive downshifting programs for the Allison transmission to give better weight control. Exhaust braking also works in Allison manual shift selections. The VVB integrates with the cruise control to automatically accelerate and decelerate to maintain vehicle speed. Easily and simply installs by plugging into existing factory ports and by mounting the rotary switch on your dash. All of these features in one package which with some competitors would require two separate ones at nearly twice the price and twice as long to install. Now that is value added engine retarding at its engineered finest. Note: Compatibility cannot be guaranteed with all aftermarket products that have a permanent connection to the OBDII port inside the cab. At this time the Edge Products CS/CTS and older Attitude Monitors along with HandS Mini Maxx are not compatible. Product Warranty 1 Year
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