Grand-Am KONI Challenge New Jersey

Event Date/Location

May 1-3, 2009 New Jersey Motorsports

Event Details

Millville, N.J. – May 2, 2009- Kirk Spencer and Ashley McCalmont welcomed new sponsors XDP at their New Jersey race.  Xtreme Diesel Performance is the leader in after-market parts to compliment diesel pick-ups made by Ford, GM and Dodge.   XDP signed on to sponsor part of the New Jersey race and McCalmont and Spencer were happy to have them on board. 

A great new sponsorship was one of the highlights of the weekend as new competitive adjustments lead to a headache for the team and crew.  The car did not have the same horse power because of the technical restrictions put on the Cobalt, and the team had to work that much harder to make up for it.   

McCalmont went into the race knowing her Cobalt SS had less horse power compared to her counterparts on the track, and knew she just needed to keep focused on hitting all of her marks, and hoping everything would come together to create the perfect lap.
The team qualified in 12th, and McCalmont started out in the car.  She was feeling better about the race as she started moving through the cars and soon was in tenth position.  The team and crew took advantage of the first yellow flag in the race and Spencer quickly climbed into the driver’s seat to take on the second half of the race. 
Once on the track, Spencer had an unfortunate collision with another driver, and had to return to the pits to have the damaged accessed.   It took two pit stops to get the car back into the race.  Once Spencer was back on the track, he was able to bring the car up from 16th to 11th where they finished. 

“The Georgian Bay guys did a great job as usual, but some on-track incidents kept us from finishing in the top 10,” said Spencer. “Ashley and I are both looking forward to Laguna and hopefully we can grab our first podium of the season!”
“I’m really happy with the way my XDP Georgian Bay Chevy Cobalt preformed during my stint,” said McCalmont. “The team did a great job, and I am really looking forward to some time in the sun in California next week.”