Industrial Injection 12 Valve Dodge Injector

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1994-1998 Dodge 12V Cummins
Industrial Injection
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Industrial Injection 12 Valve Cummins Injectors originate from OE injectors.  IIS uses the new injectors for quality and to bypass the hassle of a core charge. Many current horse power and ¼ mile records have been set with the 12 Valve Dragon Flow injectors.

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R4-R8 Injectors are for extreme racing and pulling only.

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1994 12V
Justin (Vegas) 8/19/2012 2:57 AM
Purchased the 50hp injectors. Didn't require a core, which I liked. Power increased all the way across the board, but most noticeably off the bottom. Not sure about any 50hp gains, but I'm happy with them. Would've recieved 5 stars if I got better mileage after installing them. Maybe that will come after I quit rodding it. Easy to install. If you drive dusty conditions, purchase new dust seals. They're pricey for what they are, but keep things clean. You can reuse the old ones, but mine cracked while reinstalling them. Also purchase seperately the little u-shaped brass washer on the fuel return line. about $20 for all six.
Good bang for you buck.
Stephen Lapsley (Forked River, NJ) 8/5/2012 4:10 PM
I have been looking into injectors for a while, with a concern for EGT's , proper spray patterns, and of course power gains. I picked a set of these up from a friend for a good deal because he had "killer dowel pin" issues (he bought them from XDP with receipts to prove), so I figured I'd try them. I can honestly say the EGT's raised ever so slightly but nothing of concern, but the power gains are incredibly noticeable. I reduced turbo lag and gained a few lbs of boost as well. I have a few basic upgrades such as intake, exhaust, and governor springs to go with these injectors but can honestly say these were an excellent investment. The injectors I installed were said to be 80hp. I would recommend them.