MADS Smarty Junior Programmer J-06

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2003-2007 Dodge 5.9L Cummins
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Smarty by MADS
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Fast guide to  Smarty-JR Features

  • CaTCHER software's inside
  • Three different  performance levels: 40 / 70 / 100 hp
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Optimized drivability
  • Fastest download in the industry, up to three times faster than
    the competition, a typical ECM update takes about 3.5 to 5
    minutes, depending on the truck model
  • ABS tire height updates in just few seconds from 22,5" to 44"
  • Not traceable in the stock setting. Smarty leaves no footprint
  • Cold weather 3 Cylinder High Idle is enabled in all software
  • Reads  Diagnostic Trouble Codes in plain text
  • No tools required, no fuses to pull
  • USB built in for simple updates from internet
  • Easy installation
  • Reliable, it works off your OEM hardware

Fast guide to Smarty-JR software levels

The horsepower settings have a modified "Torque
management" ( TQM ). The throttle response is greatly
improved but is set to a safe limit. With "Safe" I mean safe for
your tranny and rest of the driveline.

SW # 1 : 40 Hp increase

SW # 2 : 70 Hp increase

SW # 3 : 100 Hp increase

Tested on stock trucks on a Dyno.
Stock means just that. Stock! Even the air filters were stock...

The trucks were S T O C K, even the wastegate settings! We checked the "baseline" ( the stock truck Hp at the rear
wheels ) twice in a day in order to be sure about our findings. The above declared HP numbers are all rounded down to the closest number.

No trace is left in the ECM!
I herby CLAIM that SmartyCR is the FIRST AND ONLY downloader that does not erase any of the stored data in the ECM. Smarty does NOT leave any electronic footprints in the ECM or any other electronic module in the truck. Smarty does NOT set ANY codes once the ECM is set back to stock. Smarty does NOT need to have fuses pulled.

No matter what the competition claims , in one way or another they're ALL detectable. Smarty is NOT!

Yet, Smarty can not do one thing for you. Fix what others have broken. Smarty can not restore a key on counter that another downloader has erased . Smarty can not fix VIN# troubles caused by other products. If your Check engine / ABS light is on because another product has screwed your ECM, Smarty can not fix it, the other guy HAS to...

ABS / Speedo recalibration
The tire height can be adjusted up to 44" in increments of 10 tenth of an inch in just a couple seconds. Of course, Smarty needs to be VIN# locked to the truck in order to get into the ABS adjustment section.

DTC Code reader
The name says it all. You can read and erase codes. Codes are displayed also in plain English. That's old news by now. Smarty S-03 was the first one to provide that utility, others found the idea to be a good one too.  (Smarty does erase ABS codes too but does not display them)

ECM update speed
Faster than anything else on the market! Again we've done our homework on the protocol. Less than 5 minutes. Three times faster than a Star-Scan diagnostic tool or competitor.

We have developed our own bootloader in order to not have to pull fuses should an update become interrupted for any reason. All you have to do is to turn the key off / key on Smarty does everything else on it's own.

The CaTCHER softwares as they are today are only a starting point. Expect major news in future. We're for your feedback, opinions, likes, dislikes...We will make Smarty do what YOU want, TOGETHER.

Additional Information

Install Sheet

How to upgrade your smarty & FAQ

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Must Have!
Orey Wafford (Santa Cruz California) 7/3/2016 11:48 AM
I was unsure on whether I wanted the smarty Jr or the new Edge Evolution. After reading a bunch of reviews and talking to buddies at work, I decided to go with the Smarty. And let me say I am not disappointed at all. The Smarty Jr improved my trucks performance and drivability so much. my MPG's which is alwasy nice, but the performance you get out of this programmer is amazing. I am running it on the middle program and that is plenty of power for my 04. Definitely a must buy for anyone looking at getting a programmer or tuner.
Smarty Jr is Awesome
Daniel Puckett (Manhattan, MT) 3/28/2016 6:52 PM
I purchased the Smarty Jr last September and I am very pleased with the unit. I typically run it on the tow tune and I love it. My truck only has a 4" MBRP exhaust on it, otherwise its stock. It pulls very hard, smokes upon initial acceleration but cleans up quickly. Fuel economy went up about 2mpgs if I drive normal. The built in high idle is nice for these cold Montana mornings. All in all I would recommend to anyone. Also thanks XDP for all of the prompt service!
Easy Upgrade Choice
VERNON WOLFORK (Cameron, NC) 1/14/2016 8:47 AM
It took me a while to decide, XDP rep was helpful in this final decision. I was going to get the new EDGE CTS or newest Smarty. However the resp informed me that this was the best option for me, my truck set up and my expectations. I have a 2006 Dodge 3500 5.9, with a +45 injectors, Airdog II, and AFE stage 2 cold air intake. After I finally decided to go with Smarty (963955A), I found it cheaper. They matched the price, over the phone. The upgrade instructions weren't as clear as i would like but i go it done with help of a youtube video. The first test drill, I smoked out my neighborhood. It has given me the upgrade fever, I want more and XDP is the place to get it.
Must have!
Dawson Fay (grand junction ) 8/18/2015 11:26 PM
I got my smarty yesterday and really fast shipping! I just did everything today, I put it on the 100 hp tune and time and tq on 4. Wow! And I notice it had better top end power and my turbo doesn't turbo bark anymore! It does smoke a lot but only the first Initial hit and then it clears up. I can't be anymore happier with this smarty jr. I got a 2004.5 cummins H/O and man does my truck rip! I'm gonna try the 70 horse sometime soon after my inner cooler gets fixed. Thanks XDP and Smarty! Must have! And super easy to install!
Jared (Crestview FL) 2/8/2014 10:27 PM
This programmer is ok...I researched long and hard on what programmer to buy for my 06 dodge and everyone raved about the smarty. I have one question, WHY? I mean the power change was noticeable but I'm just not impressed with how the truck performs. My biggest dislike is that you have to release the throttle to get the truck to shift from 2-3 and 3-4. My other complaint is that it still feels like STOCK until it hits around 2500-2800 RPM. I want something that has power from the get go! Also for the money I would rather have something that has a color screen that is more user friendly and has more options. Last complaint is the smarty looks like a 10 year old built it and is not user friendly. I never could figure out how to download updated versions for my Smarty JR.