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TS Performance 7110101P Luxury Series MP-8 Pro 3959 2.00 TS Performance 7110101P Luxury Series MP-8 Pro
$ 399.95
Improve the performance and economy of your 2007-2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0L, 2007+ Merdcedes 3.0L and Audi 3.0L TDI with the TS Performance 7110101P Luxury Series MP-8 Pro. The MP-8 Pro is a simple plug-in module that communicates with your engine computer to calibrate and optimize fuel distribution under a variety of driving conditions. The result is improved efficiency that delivers 2-4 mpg better fuel economy and up to a 50 horsepower increase.The MP8 module is easy to install and is compatible with all of your Mercedes factory equipment. Because the MP-8 is a plug-in module and not a downloadable tuner, it does not rewrite your factory computers tuning and can be easily unplugged if you take your vehicle in for service or when your vehicles lease agreement has expired.Features: +50HP (Non-Adjustable) Increased Fuel Efficiency Easy Installation - Plug and Play Lifetime Warranty Note: The Luxury Series MP-8 Module is no longer an adjustable module. TS Performance has found that most Mercedes and Jeep owners do not want to mount a switch in their interior.