BD-Power 1050229 OEM Bypass Lift Pump

1998.5-2002 Dodge 5.9L Cummins (Replaces Factory Pump)

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Great Kit
Steve (Eureka,ca) 9/19/2016 1:21 PM
First, this is a stock pump. For those running Juice or other programs. Buy a different pump. I've been running this kit on my stock 2002 for 10 years and it's still going strong. I've been holding 12 PSI since installing. Will drop to 9 PSI when I nail it, but jumps back up to 12 psi after letting up. Just bought a second kit last week. Only bought another kit because I'm going on the road and don't want to have any issues with truck. While on the road working. I've got ten years on my first pump and it's still going strong. This is just how this kit has worked out for me. Thanks XDP, you've already done good by me and love your website. Thanks, Steve
not the greatest
kevin (claysville,pa) 3/16/2011 8:32 PM
had for 2 years on 02 cummins with edge box. started with 13 psi. that lasted for 9 months then went down hill ever since. now at idle holds 2 psi an never goes up.
not worth it
Joel (PA) 2/5/2010 2:34 PM
This pump CANNOT supply the amount of fuel needed with the new power adders. I had both a smarty and quadzilla adrenaline and this pump could not keep up with the fuel demands.
David (PA) 12/27/2009 8:36 PM
Put less than 10,000 miles on the truck and the pump failed. Would not recommend it to anyone!
little blue
little blue (GA) 4/29/2009 8:39 PM
it really does suck the max psi i got was 10psi then it droped down to 7psi and i have yet to see 10psi again. I called there customer serves line and they told me my gage was worng. if that is the case then my stuck pump was still pushing 4 to 5 psi more then this crap pump.
Dodge Owner
Henry Chee (Page, AZ) 9/27/2008 6:07 PM
This product is not worth buying. The pump is worst than the OEM pump that comes with the truck. I installed pump with ease but will not deliver. I purchased the low pressure alarm kit with the pump. The light stays on constantly. Low pressure pressure from the pump is causing my truck to be sluggish, slow, no power. Do not buy this lift pump it is a bad investment.
Dean (Florida) 8/30/2008 8:45 PM
What a Piece of CRAP!! Never will we purchase or suggest this to our worst enemy. Almost from day 1 the pressure was low and dropped almost to zero with the edge juice with attitude. We put a very accurate gauge on and foud that the edge product is very accurate unlike what BD will tell you it is not very accurate. Even giving one star is way to much of a rating
don't buy.
Anonymous (Texas) 8/28/2008 5:28 AM
mine failed too. not worth the money. POS. didn't last at all. would not buy again. this left me stranded.
No Better than Stock.
(Unknown) 2/1/2008 7:58 AM
My BD lift pump failed after 10 months of use. Thankfully, I also installed the 5 psi warning light. Not worth the money in my opionion. BD pump not a hit; folks at Xtreme Diesel are still top notch.
Anonymous (Unknown) 1/25/2008 6:21 PM
I had the bd pump for a total of four mouths and it has gone south on me. would not recomend buying the pump.
BD lift pump
lewisjacobson (Unknown) 10/24/2006 3:35 PM
I installed the Edge with Juice chip set and found out that i was running 7 lbs of psi.and when i stand on it the psi droped to 0. I installed the BD lift pump and now hold 14psi and very little loss when i stand on it I am very happy with they way it works.