ProParts Spek Water Methanol Injection Controller Stage-2 (0-60 PSI)

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Universal - All Makes, All Models (Boost 0-60 PSI)
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dSpek™ Water Methanol Injection Controller
ProParts, LLC Incorporates their award winning microprocessor controller gauges to run their water methanol injection. Our water methanol injection kits are available in a standard 2 1/16” mounting to mount in our ProPods™ or universal steering column mount. Stage 2 consists of a boost gauge controller, Stage 3 consists of a EGT Pyro gauge for diesel applications.
• 7 color programmable backgroung display with Wide Angle Dial™ (patent pending).
• 280 degree sweep stepper motor control with programmable stainless steel water resistant command keys.
• Low water warning display and flashing background warning lights for added protection.
• Motor monitoring to determine if the motor is working properly.
• Programmable digitally controlled pulse width modulation (PWM)
to vary the motor speed based on MAP and MAF sensor readings.
• User interface allows operator to adjust flow rates and duty cycle without any external boxes.
• Stage 3 EGT Gauge Controller allows operator to set EGT
temperatures to prevent dousing cold engines.
• Optional Stage 4 incorporates a daisy chain Spek™ fuel
pressure gauge to shut down water methanol if there is a loss
of fuel pressure to prevent a lean condition in the engine­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Stage-2 Kits Include:

  • Boost Gauge
  • MAP Sensor
  • 6' High Pressure Tubing
  • J6, J5 and J4 Wiring Harnesses
  • Mounting Cup (Not required for pod installation)
  • Nozzle Assembly w/ Check Valve
  • Bushing (1/8'', 18 NPT)
  • Stainless Steel Mounting Clamp Kit
  • Optional: Nozzle Check Valve
  • Arming Switch
  • Fluid Level Switch
  • Water Methanol Fluid Tank
  • Pressure Pump with Fittings
  • Digital Control Driver



Part Number Key:

BCB - Black face Plate, Clear Lens, Black Bezel

BCC - Black face Plate, Clear Lens, Chrome Bezel

BSB - Black face Plate, Smoke Lens, Black Bezel

SCB - Silver face plate, Clear Lens, Black Bezel

SCC - Silver face Plate, Clear Lens, Chrome Bezel

WCB - White face Plate, Clear Lens, Black Bezel

WCC - White face Plate, Clear Lens, Chrome Bezel


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