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USD 399
Part #: SCT5015PWD

SCT 5015PWD Livewire Vision Performance Monitor

1996-2021 Ford OBDII Compliant Vehicles
Part #: SCT5015PWD
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The SCT 5015PWD Livewire Vision Performance Monitor is a great way to get more information and data log your 1996-2021 OBDII compliant Ford car, truck or SUV. This monitor features a 4” touchscreen that allows the user to customize the gauge layout and monitor real time performance data, like 1/4 mile, 0-60 and braking times with playback for recorded data logging available with SCT’s LiveLink software. With ability to read & delete trouble codes and add-ons such as the SCT EGT Sensor kit, analog sensors, and a backup camera can be added to get the most out of your SCT 5015PWD Livewire Vision Performance Monitor. 

  • 4” Touchscreen
  • Customizable Screen lay Out
  • Measures 0 to 60, 1/4 mile, Braking and More 
  • Reads & Deletes DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes)
  • Data logging Playback Available With SCT’s LiveLink Software

Vehicle Fitment

1996-1997FordAerostarV6 3.0L Gas
1996-1997FordAerostarV6 4.0L Gas
1996FordBroncoV8 5.0L Gas
1996FordBroncoV8 5.8L Gas
1996-2000FordContourL4 2.0L Bi-Fuel
1996-2000FordContourL4 2.0L Gas
1996-2000FordContourV6 2.5L Gas
1996-2005FordCrown VictoriaV8 4.6L Cng
2006-2011FordCrown VictoriaV8 4.6L Flex
1992-2011FordCrown VictoriaV8 4.6L Gas
1996FordE-150 EconolineL6 4.9L Gas
1997-2003FordE-150 EconolineV6 4.2L Gas
2009-2014FordE-150 EconolineV8 4.6L Flex
1997-2008FordE-150 EconolineV8 4.6L Gas
1996FordE-150 EconolineV8 5.0L Gas
1998FordE-150 EconolineV8 5.4L Bi-Fuel
2010-2014FordE-150 EconolineV8 5.4L Cng
2009-2014FordE-150 EconolineV8 5.4L Flex
1997-2008FordE-150 EconolineV8 5.4L Gas
2010-2014FordE-150 EconolineV8 5.4L Lpg
1996FordE-150 EconolineV8 5.8L Gas
1996FordE-250 EconolineL6 4.9L Bi-Fuel
1996FordE-250 EconolineL6 4.9L Gas
1997-2003FordE-250 EconolineV6 4.2L Gas
2009-2014FordE-250 EconolineV8 4.6L Flex
2003-2008FordE-250 EconolineV8 4.6L Gas
1998-1999FordE-250 EconolineV8 5.4L Bi-Fuel
1997-2005FordE-250 EconolineV8 5.4L Cng
2009-2014FordE-250 EconolineV8 5.4L Flex
1997-2008FordE-250 EconolineV8 5.4L Gas
2010-2014FordE-250 EconolineV8 5.4L Lpg
1996FordE-250 EconolineV8 5.8L Gas
1996FordE-350 EconolineL6 4.9L Gas
1997-1998FordE-350 EconolineV10 6.8L Gas
1998FordE-350 EconolineV8 5.4L Bi-Fuel
1997-1998FordE-350 EconolineV8 5.4L Cng
1997-1998FordE-350 EconolineV8 5.4L Gas
1996FordE-350 EconolineV8 5.8L Gas
1996-1998FordE-350 EconolineV8 7.3L Diesel
1996FordE-350 EconolineV8 7.5L Gas
1997-2005FordE-350 Econoline Club WagonV10 6.8L Gas
2004-2005FordE-350 Econoline Club WagonV8 6.0L Diesel
1999-2003FordE-350 Econoline Club WagonV8 7.3L Diesel
1999-2016FordE-350 Super DutyV10 6.8L Gas
2004-2009FordE-350 Super DutyV8 6.0L Diesel
1999-2003FordE-350 Super DutyV8 7.3L Diesel
2007-2013FordEdgeV6 3.5L Gas
2011-2013FordEdgeV6 3.7L Gas
2013-2016FordEscapeL4 1.6L Gas
2001-2004FordEscapeL4 2.0L Gas
2005-2008FordEscapeL4 2.3L Electric/Gas
2005-2008FordEscapeL4 2.3L Gas
2009-2011FordEscapeL4 2.5L Electric/Gas
2012FordEscapeL4 2.5L Gas
2010-2012FordEscapeV6 3.0L Flex
2001-2009FordEscapeV6 3.0L Gas
1996FordEscortL4 1.9L Gas
1997-2003FordEscortL4 2.0L Gas
2000-2005FordExcursionV10 6.8L Gas
2000-2005FordExcursionV8 5.4L Gas
2003-2005FordExcursionV8 6.0L Diesel
2000-2003FordExcursionV8 7.3L Diesel
2015-2017FordExpeditionV6 3.5L Gas
1997-2004FordExpeditionV8 4.6L Gas
2009-2014FordExpeditionV8 5.4L Flex
1997-2008FordExpeditionV8 5.4L Gas
2011-2016FordExplorerV6 3.5L Gas
2002-2005FordExplorerV6 4.0L Flex
1996-2010FordExplorerV6 4.0L Gas
2002-2010FordExplorerV8 4.6L Gas
1996-2001FordExplorerV8 5.0L Gas
2002-2003FordExplorer (Stripped Chassis)V6 4.0L Flex
2000-2003FordExplorer (Stripped Chassis)V6 4.0L Gas
2001-2003FordExplorer SportV6 4.0L Gas
2004-2005FordExplorer Sport TracV6 4.0L Flex
2001-2005FordExplorer Sport TracV6 4.0L Gas
2007-2010FordExplorer Sport TracV8 4.6L Gas
1996FordF-150L6 4.9L Bi-Fuel
1996FordF-150L6 4.9L Gas
2015-2016FordF-150V6 2.7L Gas
2015-2016FordF-150V6 3.5L Flex
2011-2016FordF-150V6 3.5L Gas
2014FordF-150V6 3.7L Cng
2011-2014FordF-150V6 3.7L Flex
2014FordF-150V6 3.7L Lpg
1997-2003FordF-150V6 4.2L Gas
1997-2010FordF-150V8 4.6L Gas
2011-2016FordF-150V8 5.0L Flex
1996FordF-150V8 5.0L Gas
1998-2003FordF-150V8 5.4L Bi-Fuel
1998-2003FordF-150V8 5.4L Cng
2006-2010FordF-150V8 5.4L Flex
1997-2008FordF-150V8 5.4L Gas
1996FordF-150V8 5.8L Gas
2010-2014FordF-150V8 6.2L Gas
2004FordF-150 HeritageV6 4.2L Gas
2004FordF-150 HeritageV8 4.6L Gas
2004FordF-150 HeritageV8 5.4L Bi-Fuel
2004FordF-150 HeritageV8 5.4L Cng
2004FordF-150 HeritageV8 5.4L Gas
1997-1999FordF-250V8 4.6L Gas
1996FordF-250V8 7.3L Diesel
1997FordF-250 HDV8 7.3L Diesel
1999-2010FordF-250 Super DutyV10 6.8L Gas
1999-2009FordF-250 Super DutyV8 5.4L Gas
2003-2007FordF-250 Super DutyV8 6.0L Diesel
2011-2016FordF-250 Super DutyV8 6.2L Flex
2008-2010FordF-250 Super DutyV8 6.4L Diesel
2011-2016FordF-250 Super DutyV8 6.7L Diesel
1999-2003FordF-250 Super DutyV8 7.3L Diesel
1996-1997FordF-350V8 7.3L Diesel
1999-2010FordF-350 Super DutyV10 6.8L Gas
1999-2009FordF-350 Super DutyV8 5.4L Gas
2003-2007FordF-350 Super DutyV8 6.0L Diesel
2011-2016FordF-350 Super DutyV8 6.2L Flex
2008-2010FordF-350 Super DutyV8 6.4L Diesel
2011-2016FordF-350 Super DutyV8 6.7L Diesel
1999-2003FordF-350 Super DutyV8 7.3L Diesel
2008-2010FordF-450 Super DutyV10 6.8L Gas
2008-2010FordF-450 Super DutyV8 6.4L Diesel
2011-2016FordF-450 Super DutyV8 6.7L Diesel
2011FordF53V10 6.8L Cng
2004-2011FordF53V10 6.8L Gas
2011FordF53V10 6.8L Lpg
2014-2016FordF-550 Super DutyV10 6.8L Gas
2015-2017FordFiestaL4 1.6L Gas
2005-2007FordFive HundredV6 3.0L Gas
2009-2015FordFlexV6 3.5L Gas
2012-2014FordFocusL4 2.0L Flex
2000-2011FordFocusL4 2.0L Gas
2003-2007FordFocusL4 2.3L Gas
2006-2007FordFreestarV6 3.9L Gas
2006-2007FordFreestarV6 4.2L Gas
2005-2007FordFreestyleV6 3.0L Gas
2013-2014FordFusionL4 1.6L Gas
2013-2016FordFusionL4 2.0L Electric/Gas
2013-2016FordFusionL4 2.0L Gas
2006-2009FordFusionL4 2.3L Gas
2010-2012FordFusionL4 2.5L Electric/Gas
2010-2016FordFusionL4 2.5L Gas
2010-2012FordFusionV6 3.0L Flex
2006-2009FordFusionV6 3.0L Gas
2010-2012FordFusionV6 3.5L Gas
2005-2006FordGTV8 5.4L Gas
2004-2006FordMotorhomeV8 5.0L Gas
2004-2008FordMotorhomeV8 7.5L Gas
2015-2017FordMustangL4 2.3L Gas
2011-2017FordMustangV6 3.7L Gas
1994-2004FordMustangV6 3.8L Gas
2004FordMustangV6 3.9L Gas
2005-2010FordMustangV6 4.0L Gas
1996-2010FordMustangV8 4.6L Gas
2011-2017FordMustangV8 5.0L Gas
2016-2017FordMustangV8 5.2L Gas
2000FordMustangV8 5.4L Gas
2013-2014FordMustangV8 5.8L Gas
1997FordProbeL4 2.0L Gas
1995-1997FordRangerL4 2.3L Gas
1998-2001FordRangerL4 2.5L Gas
1999-2004FordRangerV6 3.0L Flex
1995-2008FordRangerV6 3.0L Gas
1995-2011FordRangerV6 4.0L Gas
1996-2006FordTaurusV6 3.0L Flex
1996-2007FordTaurusV6 3.0L Gas
2008-2015FordTaurusV6 3.5L Gas
1996-1999FordTaurusV8 3.4L Gas
2008-2009FordTaurus XV6 3.5L Gas
1994-1997FordThunderbirdV6 3.8L Gas
2002-2005FordThunderbirdV8 3.9L Gas
1994-1997FordThunderbirdV8 4.6L Gas
2015-2016FordTransit-150V6 3.5L Gas
2015-2017FordTransit-150V6 3.7L Cng
2015-2017FordTransit-150V6 3.7L Flex
2015-2017FordTransit-150V6 3.7L Lpg
2015-2016FordTransit-250V6 3.5L Gas
2015-2016FordTransit-250V6 3.7L Cng
2015-2016FordTransit-250V6 3.7L Flex
2015-2016FordTransit-250V6 3.7L Lpg
2015-2016FordTransit-350V6 3.5L Gas
2015-2016FordTransit-350V6 3.7L Cng
2015-2016FordTransit-350V6 3.7L Flex
2015-2016FordTransit-350V6 3.7L Lpg
1995-2000FordWindstarV6 3.0L Gas
1995-2003FordWindstarV6 3.8L Gas
2003-2005LincolnAviatorV8 4.6L Gas
2002LincolnBlackwoodV8 5.4L Gas
1995-2002LincolnContinentalV8 4.6L Gas
2000-2006LincolnLSV8 3.9L Gas
2006-2008LincolnMark LTV8 5.4L Gas
1996-1998LincolnMark VIIIV8 4.6L Gas
2015LincolnMKSV6 3.5L Gas
2010-2015LincolnMKTV6 3.5L Gas
2010-2015LincolnMKTV6 3.7L Gas
2007-2010LincolnMKXV6 3.5L Gas
2011-2014LincolnMKXV6 3.7L Gas
2007-2012LincolnMKZV6 3.5L Gas
2013LincolnMKZV6 3.7L Gas
2015-2016LincolnNavigatorV6 3.5L Gas
2009-2014LincolnNavigatorV8 5.4L Flex
1998-2008LincolnNavigatorV8 5.4L Gas
2006-2011LincolnTown CarV8 4.6L Flex
1995-2011LincolnTown CarV8 4.6L Gas
2006LincolnZephyrV6 3.0L Gas
1999-2002MercuryCougarL4 2.0L Gas
1999-2002MercuryCougarV6 2.5L Gas
1994-1997MercuryCougarV6 3.8L Gas
1994-1997MercuryCougarV8 4.6L Gas
2006-2011MercuryGrand MarquisV8 4.6L Flex
1995-2010MercuryGrand MarquisV8 4.6L Gas
2003-2004MercuryMarauderV8 4.6L Gas
2006-2007MercuryMarinerL4 2.3L Gas
2006-2009MercuryMilanL4 2.3L Gas
2010-2011MercuryMilanL4 2.5L Electric/Gas
2010-2011MercuryMilanL4 2.5L Gas
2006-2009MercuryMilanV6 3.0L Gas
2005-2007MercuryMontegoV6 3.0L Gas
2002-2005MercuryMountaineerV6 4.0L Flex
1998-2010MercuryMountaineerV6 4.0L Gas
2002-2010MercuryMountaineerV8 4.6L Gas
1997-2001MercuryMountaineerV8 5.0L Gas
1996-2000MercuryMystiqueL4 2.0L Gas
1996-2000MercuryMystiqueV6 2.5L Gas
2001MercurySableV6 3.0L Flex
1996-2005MercurySableV6 3.0L Gas
2008-2009MercurySableV6 3.5L Gas
1996MercuryTracerL4 1.9L Gas


  • MFG. Number 5015PWD
  • Manufacturer Name SCT
  • Shipping Weight 1.75 lb.
  • Shipping Length 4 in.
  • Shipping Width 6.75 in.
  • Shipping Height 6.75 in.
  • Fuel Type Diesel / Gas
  • UPC 811252020315
  • Prop 65 WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm -


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