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Air Filters

New Product Filters!
K&N Heavy-Duty Air Filters 10436 10.00 K&N Heavy-Duty Air Filters
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$ 177.99
KandN Baldwin Carquest Donaldson Farr/Racor Fleetguard Fram Luber-Finer Napa WIX 38-2001 S/R PA2721 88891 P537447 062891001 AH1104 CA7229/AH8501 LAF1828 6891 46891 38-2002 S/R PA2722 88893 P537448 062891002 AH1105 CA7230/AH8503 LAF1848 6893 46893 38-2006S PA3493 88748 P537454 114880003 AH1197 CA8130 LAF1934 6748 46748 38-2007S PA3556 88755 P537453 114500003 AH1193 CA6855 LAF2521 6755 46755 38-2008S PA2839 88623 P522874 N/A AF25668 CA7113 LAF1839 6623 46623 38-2009R N/A N/A N/A 094973007 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 38-2012S RS3518 88556 P527682/EAF5069 N/A AF4908/AF25139M CA7140 LAF1849/MXM 6556 46556 38-2014S PA3555 88759 P537452 114500002 AH1192 CA8129 LAF22026 6759 46759 38-2019S RS3530 88745 P533235/EAF5104 N/A AF25033/AF25033M CA7466 LAF1953/MXM 6745 46745 38-2022S RS3516 88842 P531026/EAF5106 N/A AF25219/AF26657 CA7727 LAF2536/MXM 6842 46842 38-2013S RS3548 88664 P533930 N/A AF25354 CA8466 LF3930 6664 46664 38-2015R RS3539 88843 P534816 N/A AF25247 CA8081 LAF4816 6843 46843 38-2021R RS3534 88863 P534925 N/A AF25248 CA8231 LAF3302 6863 46863 38-2028S PA2456 87546 P181049 N/A AF4090 N/A LAF6453 2546 42546 38-2030R PA2608 88868 P181186 N/A AF996M CA6918 LAF2608 6868 46868 38-2026S RS4636 88870 P606503 N/A AF25707 CA9346 LAF9099 6870 46870 A Washable Heavy Duty Air Filter KandN has developed a new line of washable commercial grade air filters designed specifically for large turbo diesel engines, class 6-8 over-the-road trucks, agricultural and earth moving equipment, and diesel motorhomes. Built with the unique characteristics of turbo diesel engines in mind, these air filters do not require the use of oil and can be easily cleaned with power sprayers or commercial parts washers. The filters are also designed to provide lower restriction and higher air flow, while delivering exceptional filtration efficiency, and extended service lives. Washable and Reusable KandN HD air filters can be easily cleaned and reused to reduce the cost of replacing air filters. These "depth-loading" air filters feature our washable "lofted" hybrid air filtration medium. They do not require any oil and are robust enough to be cleaned with pressure washers and standard truck washing equipment. Most other heavy duty air filters are built into the canister as a complete non-serviceable unit; the filter and canister must be replaced dirty at the end of a single service interval. A KandN reusable HD filter will reduce the cost of buying disposable filters and canisters over and over. Perhaps even better, when restriction builds beyond a desired level, just wash the filter. So instead of short cycling expensive disposable air filters, keep restriction down and horsepower up with KandN. Designed to Lower Restriction and Improve Horsepower These commercial grade air filters are built from a new hybrid filter medium that incorporates some of the best characteristics of both cotton and synthetic non-woven technologies. They do not require any oil treatment and use a 3-D lofted filter surface to help reduce air filter restriction. Less restriction means more power and better engine efficiency. As air filter restriction goes up, an engine needs to expend energy "pulling" air through the filter. This is wasted energy that is no longer available for power at the wheels. Another air flow benefit with KandN HD air filters is that each time the air filter is washed, restriction is reduced whereas disposable air filters slowly increase in restriction throughout their service life. Commercial Grade Heavy Duty Construction Our heavy duty air filters are built tough with extra strength and reinforcement to ensure they will keep going for up to 300,000 miles. The Hybrid filter medium is comprised of a thick "lofted" non-woven synthetic media that is co-pleated between 2 layers of powder-coated aluminum screen wire. This reinforced medium is then held between either molded urethane (top or bottom) or between steel top and bottom plates and surrounded by a powder-coated steel cage to help withstand the extreme temperatures and pressures that can be present in large turbo diesel applications. Tried and Tested Each commercial grade diesel air filter design is tested with Fine Grade Test Dust using the ISO 5011 air filtration test protocol to determine filtering efficiency and dust holding capacity. KandN commercial grade air filters are designed to protect vital engine components even after the filter has been cleaned multiple times.
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