TS Performance Switchable 6 Position Chip - 7.3L Powerstroke

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1995-2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke
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Plug in more power on your 1995-2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke with the TS Performance Switchable 6 Position Chip. The TS Performance 6 Position Chip offers more power at the rear wheels than any other chip or downloader on the market. You can adjust between the 6 settings while driving by simply turning a knob mounted on the dash. No need to pull over and download a different setting while the competition passes you by.

On automatic models, The TS Performance Chip not only increases horsepower and torque, it also firms up the shift points in your transmission. The firmer shifting will allow your truck to "slip" into gear and not "bang" into gear. The TS Chips are easy and simple to install using the included instructions.  The chip simply slides into your computer for a secure fit, no tape necessary. 

Each chip includes 6 settings: Stock, High Idle, 50HP, 75HP, 100HP, 140+ Extreme for most applications. See part number list below for special California and Van applications that exclude 140+ Extreme and High Idle settings. In this instance the chip will come with 4 or 5 settings. If you have more questions about these few applications, please contact our Performance Specialists at 1-888-DIESEL-4 (1-888-343-7354). 


  • 6 Positions  
  • Lifetime Warranty 
  • Adjustable On-The-Fly 
  • Up To 140+ HP Increase 


  • 1 - Stock 
  • 2 - High Idle
  • 3 - 50HP 
  • 4 - 75HP 
  • 5 - 100HP 
  • 6 - 140HP  
  • Note: Power levels and High Idle feature may differ depending on PCM code for special models such as Vans and California Emissions.
California Emissions: 
California Emissions trucks can be found throughout the U.S. If you have a California emissions vehicle or are unsure if you have a California emissions vehicle, please call and speak with our Performance Specialists at 1-888-DIESEL-4 with your PCM code so we can provide you with the proper chip for your truck. 

Lifetime Warranty:
The TS Performance 7.3L Powerstroke Chip is covered by a lifetime warranty offered through TS Performance. Warranty claims on chips that are "fried" due to improper installation or removal will not be covered.  

Application Chart
1180402 - 7.3L Ford 95-97 Auto 6-Chip 
1180403 - 7.3L Ford 95-97 Manual 6-Chip 
1180404 - 7.3L Ford 99 Auto 6-Chip 
1180405 - 7.3L Ford 99 Manual 6-Chip 
1180406 - 7.3L Ford 99.5-01 Auto 6-Chip 
1180407 - 7.3L Ford 99.5-00 Manual 6-Chip 
1180408 - 7.3L Ford 01 Manual 6-Chip 
1180409 - 7.3L Ford 02-03 Auto 6-Chip 
1180410 - 7.3L Ford 02-03 Manual 6- Chip 
1180411 - 7.3L Ford 00-01 Excursion 6-chip
1180412 - 7.3L Ford 02-03 Excursion 6-Chip
1180413 - 7.3L Ford 95-97 Manual California 6-Chip
1180414 - 7.3L Ford 95-97 Auto California 6-Chip
1180415 - 7.3L Ford 98-99 Auto Van 4-Settings (No High Idle, No 140HP)
1180416 - 7.3L Ford 99 Manual California 5-Settings (No High Idle) 
1180417 - 7.3L Ford 99 Auto California 6-Chip 
1180418 - 7.3L Ford 99-02 Auto Van 5-Settings (No High Idle)
1180419 - 7.3L Ford 00-01 Auto California Van 4-Settings (No High Idle, No 140HP)
1180401 - Blank 7.3 Ford 6 Position Chip 95-03

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Bad Ass
Harles (Wheat Ridge, CO) 4/13/2017 9:13 AM
This thing really works. I keep it at the 75hp setting and my truck hauls ass. I also use the high idle setting in the winter for quicker warm ups too. I clicked it back to stock just to see and the truck runs like it did before.... Boring. Right back to the 75 setting and the Beast is back. I did see .5 MPG increase too even with getting into more. Im all the way up to 14.2 Hell its almost a hybrid. SMASH
Totally changes my diesel experience
Marissa (New Jersey) 1/14/2017 6:56 AM
Prior to my 1999 Powerstroke, I've only ever owned 2011+ Powerstroke trucks. I'm never going back. The previous owner had installed this chip before I bought the truck (as well as a lift kit and bigger tires) and let me tell you -- when offroading, kicking it into 4x4 or even lowrange and using the granny gear, I don't slip at ALL. But if I wanna get on the highway fast, I crank the dial and BAM, the truck turns into a complete monster, roaring and dumping black soot all over the honda civics behind me. It's an absolute blessing and a joy to have. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Since I already have a bluetooth OBD-II reader that connects to my phone I think I'll skip the touchscreen, but maybe I'll change my mind about that in the future & write a new review about it if I do. If you're on the fence, DEFINITELY go for this product. It will change your driving experience for the better in every possible way.
Drew Reinhart (Illinois) 8/13/2016 2:01 AM
I can really feel the difference in the shift points. It makes the truck come alive. Plus on 140 it smokes like crazy and has ridiculous power. Love it
Totally amazing
Austin Hess (Pennsylvania) 5/4/2016 8:24 AM
Received it in 2 days! Got it install in about a hour. Went for a spin and noticed a immediate change so much more power and throttle response total new truck lover it recommend to anyone with a 7.3
Ts chip badass!!
Robert (San Antonio ) 4/21/2016 10:42 PM
Got it in a week...put that thing in my truck and holy crap man didn't think I'd ever here a 1 ton 7.3L motor make the tires spin shifting into 3rd gear. All I got to say is badass chip ts badass!