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Parts & Accessories For Volvo Engines

Parts & Accessories For Volvo Engines

Find the parts and accessories you need for your Volvo-powered heavy-duty truck at XDP. XDP has the replacement components you need for your D11, D12, D13, and D16 Engine. Whether you're looking to upgrade the output of the engine or just doing routine maintenance, XDP has the parts you need Like::

  • EGR Coolers
  • Lift Fuel Pumps
  • Fuel System Plumbing Components
Volvo has been producing diesel-powered trucks since 1946 when they introduced the VL150-series truck, better known as the Roundnose. As one of the world's largest manufacturers of heavy-duty trucks over the past few decades, Volvo continues to innovate with their cutting-edge technology. Volvo engines have proven to be reliable and fuel efficient while offering a long service life. These characteristics have made Volvo one of the top heavy-duty engine suppliers in the world for medium-duty and class 8 trucks.

Volvo’s heavy-duty engines come in 6-cylinder configurations and offer smooth acceleration throughout the RPM range. The inline configuration of these engines means that the reciprocating forces balance each other out thereby cancelling unwanted engine harmonics. Volvo engines can be found in Mack and Autocar trucks as well as Volvo Truck Corporations for medium and heavy-duty applications. Although they are mainly known for their over-the-road trucks, Volvo engines are utilized in recreational vehicles such as boats, RVs, and class C motorhomes. Volvo’s engineers are constantly upgrading their diesel engines and they are some of the most fuel-efficient engines on the market. XDP offers a wide range of products for your Volvo-powered truck.